Epic V10 sport limited edition

1 year 10 months ago #38210 by Matt13
Hi after some info on the V10 sports limited edition (blue decals and blue seat)
Any pros/cons between it and the standard model.
any information would be much appreciated.

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1 year 8 months ago #38512 by al
Replied by al on topic Epic V10 sport limited edition
Hi Matt

I've owned an LE in the coloured layup (equivalent of a red-tip) and now in the carbon. Previously owned a V10 Sport, V8 Pro, and V10 in the Epic range. Then Limited Edition (LE) differs from the normal Sport in having a narrower bucket, with both bucket and rudder positioned further forward. It's much livelier than the old Sport, but the stability is still about the same.

In the flat, it's faster than the Sport but slower than the V10 (as you'd expect). It's probably around the same speed as a Swordfish, a little slower than the Think Evo though similar in speed to the Six. This is partly due to the rudder being further forward which results in more drag in flat conditions. However, there is of course the option of swapping out the factory standard surf rudder for a weedless or universal rudder which makes a significant difference (and a disproportionate difference compared to other boats).

It's in downwind conditions that the LE comes into its own. Super-stable and yet incredibly manoeuvrable - there seems to be no trade-off.  There seems no bright-line distinction between primary and secondary stability, which allows an intermediate paddler to surf intuitively and confidently without loss of power in basically any conditions. It is just sensational, really. I have also paddled (but not owned) a V12; of the entire range from V8-V12, to my mind the LE is the best boat Epic makes. If you're a true elite downwind paddler and can flawlessly surf huge lurching swells in 30 knots with perfect stability, hat's off to you: take out a V12, an Elite S or whatever. But my feeling is that if you're anything less than this, you'll probably go faster in such conditions in the LE than in any other boat (a big call, I know, but hey).

I don't know why this boat isn't a standard model in the Epic line-up. Perhaps there's a concern about cannibalisation of existing models - certainly in the Epic range it's a crowded space, with the V8 Pro, V9, V10 Sport and V10. From a surfing perspective, it would compare most closely to the V9. The V9 is dartier but at the end of the day a pure-play surfing boat and perhaps all too light for a bigger paddler. At 6.1m, the LE (as compared to the V9's 5.8m length) will run better in the flat . But then then begs the question as to why the LE simply hasn't simply become the normal V10 Sport gen 4. The LE bucket is narrower, so a Big O sized paddler might find it a little squeeze,  but it's not super narrow - closer to the V11 bucket although the LE's beam remains 48cm as per the normal Sport. For now though, it's a limited edition, albeit one that's been now in production for a couple of years,

Hope this helps.

- no other intermediate boat comes even close in my view.
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9 months 1 week ago #39658 by cgeorge
Hi Al,

That is a very positive review of the V10 S LE.

I too are rather keen on this boat so i have a few questions.

- Did you able to test paddle an LE prior to purchase ?
- Downwind , can you easily pick up runners ?
- Was it a special order from Epic ?

Currently paddling V8 Pro and have been looking at the V10 S however the LE appears to have relevant improved features and design.


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