Fenn Spark S comparison with Fennix Spark S

1 year 6 months ago #38078 by JohnK
Just checking to see if anyone can comment on the differences between the Fenn Spark S and the Fennix Spark S. The original Spark was just that little bit too tight and I found the S was a little better but that is no longer on the market. How does the Fennix Spark compare/ differ?

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1 year 6 months ago #38084 by Penguin
Hi JohnK, I have been paddling the Fennix Spark since mid 2020 with very little exposure to the pre-fennix version. So my impression is more instinctive rather than measured. I am 1.83m, 32"/79cmwaist and 75kg, and would be honored if referred to as a mid-packer
The Fennix seems to have a longer leg length reach - I pushed the pre-fennix version all the way forward whereas the fennix version I has 4 slots remaining on the far side. The bucket is very comfortable and a good balance between comfortable rotation and staying centered in a busy ocean. 
I can only speak for the full carbon version, but the fennix version is directionally more responsive and it took me a while to understand and utilise this to my benefit.
The deal clincher for me on the Spark was the design waterline and paddler weight relationship. My stability improved compared to the bigger volume versions of Fenn, and specifically the Swordfish S fennix where I wash from one side of the seat to the other in rough conditions. In this boat not being able to stay centered in the seat and the fact that my weight could not submerge it to its designed waterline impacted my primary stability. I still rate the Swordfish highly and would advise most with my profile but slightly large bum to put the Swordfish on top of their list.

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