Fat double stability comparison.

3 years 9 months ago #34091 by Newbflat
I’m looking at getting a fat double like a Nelo 600, V8 double or Fenn XT-s.   An anyone compare the stability difference between them. In particular the Nelo and the V8... 
i had a V10 double for a few years and it was fun with another solid paddler in a good blow but not fun with a beginner even in the flats.  . I’m looking for a ski to take out beginners in downwind and options other than a V8 double. 

FENN Bluefin S
FENN Swordfish S carbon hybrid
Epic V8 double gen 2
Lot and lots of DK rudders.

Stellar SEL excel (gen 2)
Stellar SR excel (gen2)
Stellar S18s g1 (excel)
Epic V10 Double (performance)
Stellar SR (gen 1)
V10 sport (gen 2)
V10 (Gen 2)
Beater SEL (gen 1)

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3 years 8 months ago #34097 by feeny
Haven't paddled the Nelo 600.

XT-S double is pretty stable, reasonably fast and actually manoeuverable in a decent wind/swell
V8 double is a wetter ride for the person in the back, feels a bit slower and barge-like, not as manoeuverable as XT-S

I guess it depends on the conditions, the person in back and the person in front but I think an XT-S double is pretty good for beginners and then some.

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