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I happened to stumble across a video (see link below) that struck me in terms of how well it demonstrates a range of paddling laws/lessons.  Before I continue, a disclaimer; apart from being an enthusiastic (addicted) ocean paddler, I am in no way qualified to provide paddling advice :), nor am I criticising the paddlers that appear in this video in any way, shape or form (I actually have Tarifa envy as it looks like they are having an awesome time)!  

Video URL:  

In my mind, the video which was filmed in Tarifa, demonstrates the following principles really well:
  1. Boat speed needs to match wave/runner speed in order to harness that power and experience the ride.
  2. Stop paddling early in order to maximise boat time on the runner.
  3. When catching a wave into the beach, the boat will run magically in the waves clean water, but once the foamy catches the boat, the paddler needs to keep paddling to avoid the boat broaching.
  4. If the boat 'nose-dives' on a wave, it's amazing how much height/air the ski can get (without a leg leash at least) once the paddler is ejected.  The risk of the boat landing on top of the waterborne paddler (or others in the same vicinity) and causing serious injury is high.
  5. It's a good idea to look after your paddle and rinse it with clean fresh water after a saltwater session, save snapping the shaft when you need it most (of course, that's not the only reason for the paddle breaking)!
Examples of the 5 matters above can be found at the following times in the video:
  • Boat speed matching wave/runner speed: 2.34
  • Stop paddling early: 2.49
  • Keep paddling when the foamy catches up with the boat to avoid broaching: 3.23 & 7.27
  • Paddling in the foamy will keep the boat running true: 5.25
  • Keep paddling in the foam and 'lean back' to avoid a nose dive: 6.55
  • Avoid the nose dive, and be aware that the boat may get air (even on a small breaking wave) and land very close to where you pop up for air: 7.35
  • Paddle snap: 9.03
Arguably, the majority of paddlers on this forum will be well aware of these matters, but perhaps the video may assist those that are new to the sport?  
Cheers, Dave.

Cheers, Dave

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