Swordfish vs V10 vs V10Sport for Gorge

5 years 10 months ago #32178 by mickeyA
How do the side heights of the Swordfish S compare to the sides of the V10 and V10Sport? I recently participated in the Gorge Downwind race, renting a glass Bluefin after renting a V8pro red tip the previous year. Both skis were fine but the cockpit really filled with water when I slowed down. Unlike the pros that jump from one downhill to another, water gushed over the sides when I worked hard to catch a wave—right there on the edge, just a little more, swamp, stop, try again. I was very fortunate to borrow a carbon swordfish S for a run in big conditions and thankfully, balance was not a problem and I caught many more runs with much less effort. Very importantly, the cockpit stayed mostly dry at slow speeds or about to catch a wave as the sides were noticeably higher than the bluefin or carbonology boost (I also got to borrow). I think keeping water from gushing in over the sides of the cockpit was a key to many more runs and more fun. I assume sides are low on more stable boats for easier remount? How do the sides of the V10 and V10Sport compare to swordfish S? Are high sides a hallmark of all, or most, advanced skis, or perhaps just a hallmark of the swordfish S? I am mainly wondering if the V10Sport and/or V10 would keep water out just as well as swordfish S in Gorge conditions for an average paddler. Thanks

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5 years 10 months ago #32180 by TaffyMick
Have owned a Swordfish and a V10S 2 gen. The Swordfish has much higher sides and a deeper seat compared to the the V10S. You are right, it is my experience and opinion that it is easier to remount a V10S than a Swordfish. And was the reason I sold my Swordfish after a remount "scare" in big swells a couple of kms offshore a few years ago.

Whether this is the same for a Swordfish S I don't know, but the Swordfish is a much better boat overall in my opinion and will catch a run in a bath tub and you will stay much drier. It is my intention to try a Swordfish S in the coming Southern Hemisphere Spring. If I can remount in marginal conditions then I will probably purchase a carbon hybrid layup. My wife's Bluefin S in a much better boat to paddle than the 1gen Bluefin I originally had. I hope the Swordfish S is the same.


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5 years 10 months ago #32183 by Newbflat
I have a Swordfish S that i paddled in the Gorge race and im totally comfortable in it. I’m happy in it in rough water and it surfs great. I also bought a Bluefin S in glass (maybe the one you paddled) at the event, so I can compare. The Swordfish S had higher sides that the Bluefin by a fair bit and is dryer paddling, at least with flooding from the sides. I have also had a gen 2 V10 and V10s. They are both much closer to the Bluefin in side hight and ease of flooding. I paddled the Bluefin S for the last two days of the event partially to decide if I wanted a fat ski/winter ski/guest ski and becuse it was just fun... I decided I loved it. So much so I stashed my Swordfish and just paddled the Bluefin for a couple days.... The sides are low but I didn’t have any real issue with flooding. Every time it did it was my fault. If I was driving the ski as it should be and choosing my waves correctly it was a non issue. The vast majority of flooding issues are technique issues and go away with time and experance. I actually like having low sides for easer remounts and as long as I fill the unused space ahead to the peddles find it a non issue. I REALLY wish Fenn would put in better bailers or at least put the ventures in the right spot over the holes!?... it’s not exactly fast at bailing that’s for sure. That aside, it’s a blast to paddle. It handles impeccably and at least at a fast cruising but not all out racing pace kept up with anyone of similar ability in much faster skis. It almost never buried the bow even when dropping in on those BIG super steep waves at the hatchery and I’m a big guy. It made a choice platform when helping a paddler just out of the the hatchery who had been out of there V10L for some time was tired and definitely not getting back in without help. I rafted up in steep over head chop helped them in and sat within for a while until they were ready to paddle. Would have been a more difficult in the Swordfish for sure. I’m super happy with the Swordfish S and it will be my main ski and race ski but damn the Bluefin S is fun.

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5 years 10 months ago #32187 by Fath2o
Have to agree with Newbflat here. Frequent cockpit flooding in downwind conditions is primarily due to the operators approach and/or technique. Dare I say operator error. MickeyA, you mentioned "catching waves". That term applies well for surfers but, not surfski paddlers.
You really want to be looking ahead for holes/troughs to drop into.
Not looking behind for breaking waves to catch. Also trying to paddle over the crest in front of you will almost always result in swamping, unless you are linking runs with considerable speed. Of course every ski responds differently. I have modified the venturis on all of my skis due to their absolutely pathetic design and/or poor installation and craftsmanship. Every time I consider getting a new or used ski, any brand, I am wondering what kind of modifications/repairs will be required. Have had numerous problems with new skis. I was considering purchasing an EVO ll, but, was dissuaded when considering that, IMO, the venturi is wholly inadequate and would require modification. Already been through that with my EVO.
Anyway good luck and consider working on technique and more time in bucket. Successful downwind paddling takes considerable upper body strength combined with experience and decent technique.

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