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Last Friday, however, I paddled with Dawid on a windless autumn evening in Cape Town. Cruising from Fish Hoek to Muizenberg, we paddled together, stopping at all the coves to surf a few waves. In short, the operative word was "fun". This was a different Dawid - off duty - and, well, I've never paddled with anyone so noisy before. Whistling, singing, shouting to folks on shore - yahooing as he caught a wave. Heading home at dusk we crept up behind a group of seals lazing on the surface. Dawid began barking like a five-year-old paid by the bark...until the bewildered seals rolled their eyes and moved on. Clearly, it was a different view of a man who earns his daily bread in a boat. Dawid trains and competes as hard as anyone on the circuit but to see how much he loves to paddle simply for the sake of paddling - that was so uplifting.

But make no mistake: Mocke is hardcore. He and his wife Nikki are professional paddlers - she's qualified in K4 for the upcoming Beijing Olympics.  I asked him how they survived in a sport that's not noted for major sponsorship (yet).


Dawid Mocke Bay Crossing 2008

Dawid and the Bay Crossing gang 9 Feb 2008

You and Nikki opened your own shop late last year, the Paddling Centre in Fish Hoek.  How's it going?

The Paddling Centre is going really well.  We have been open now since October and have been blown away by the support of the paddling community.  We are really enjoying learning about business and people, it's great to be able to give a customer  "educated advice" and know that they are buying exactly what they need. 

With Surfski School, the shop gives you a 3rd revenue stream (the increasing amount of prize money in the big races is a third).  Do feel you have enough there to make a viable career out of surfski paddling?

We actually have 4 revenue streams - we are trying to get the MOCKE brand going as well - so things are busy!  But to answer the question there is definitely a career out there in Surfski paddling... It is growing really fast and there are lots of exciting things happening.  Europe are starting to jump on the wave in a big way now too...

Describe your paddling week - how often do you get on the water, what do you do? 

It is tricky to describe because it changes a lot depending on the time of the year etc. But a general guide for me looks like this.








Run and gym/swim

Paddle (time trial)





Run and gym/swim




Off or Paddle


Surfski School or a long paddle



OFF or downwind if the wind is right

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The year: 2004. The place: Fish Hoek Beach in a howling southeaster. Dawid Mocke says to me, “Go paddle upwind for a while.” So, I did. Quite a way upwind. Eventually I turned around and surfed the runs back to Fish Hoek. Dawid met me at the beach. “What happened to you?” he yelled. “The lesson’s finished now!” And that was my introduction to Surfski School…

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With eight km to go, Sean Rice decided to accelerate.  “There were three of us at that point and I felt I could do a burn to get rid of one of them,” he said.  To his surprise, both Cory Hill and Gordan Harbrecht dropped back.  But the race wasn’t over yet…

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…and most of the world’s best surfski paddlers, both men and women, are in Ireland to take part.  Here’s what you need to know about the world’s richest surfski race.

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Cape Town's Table Mountain, viewed from the sea, is one the world's most spectacular landmarks...  and will be the backdrop to what is certain to become an iconic event in South Africa's surfski calendar.  The race, scheduled for South Africa's Freedom Day public holiday, is aimed at highlighting the serious environmental challenges facing the oceans.

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"That was… the best fun I've had in years," said Dawid Mocke as he watched the rest of the paddlers riding the surf into the beach. "It doesn't matter who you are, you're all in with an equal chance."

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Durban, South Africa - An uncharacteristic Tuesday night start due to the FNB Dusi Canoe Marathon saw paddlers don pink from top to toe at the Lettie Surfski Challenge, all in support of the fight against cancer for race six of the 2018 FNB Surfski Series.

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Older brother, younger brother; younger brother, older brother – if you weren’t a sibling you weren’t on the podium!  The South African brothers dominated in Canada this weekend – too bad Teneale Hatton, winner of the women’s race, didn't  have a sister there…

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As we watched the Tractrac app, we could see Sean Rice edging ahead on an inshore line, exactly as he did in 2013 when he won the ICF World Champs…  Would it work for him again?  The conditions this year were very different to those in 2013.

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There are at least ten paddlers who could podium tomorrow at the 8th NELO Summer Challenge, which starts at 4pm in Porto, Portugal.

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