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Friday, 24 August 2012 06:37 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Despite the un-video-friendly conditions (low light/foggy), Rambo did a great job of this one.  Look out for the flying ski in the surf at the start...!  

Thursday, 13 November 2008 06:03 | Category : Latest Surfski News

Yep, it's official - as from 1 November 2008, Hank McGregor is the latest member of Team Epic...

"I'm really chuffed," said Hank.  "River paddling is half my career and now I have a sponsor that can support me on the sea or on rivers - all over the world."


Monday, 04 December 2006 21:04 | Category : Latest Surfski News

ImageTyrell Impson sent us a scary photo taken by Martin Sundberg of two surf skis in front of a fast moving ship.  The incident happened during the 2006 US Championships in San Fransisco Bay.

Greg Barton and Adam van Koeverden were focussed on negotiating the rough water when suddenly Adam realised that they weren't alone...

Greg tells the story:


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