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ImageYep, it’s official, the new Fenn single ski is named the Fenn Mako 6 (6 for 2006).


I was up in East London a week ago and called in at the Fenn factory to find out how production of the new skis is faring.


Monday, 13 February 2006 16:43 | Category : Surfski Manufacturers

*** Updated 16 Feb 2006 ***


The new Fenn single ski was tested on the sea for the first time on the weekend of 11 Feb 2006. Keith Fenn said that he was pleased with the handling of the ski, that it performed well upwind and seemed to catch the small runs nicely. "But," he said, "I'm obviously biased! We're going to get some of the top guys to try it over the next few weeks."


The new ski, whose name has not yet been decided, is aimed at the top end of the market. It has the following characteristics:


  • Single footwell
  • Single plate adjustable rudder pedals.
  • Narrower than the Fenn Mako Millennium in front of the seat (i.e. in the area of the catch).
  • Retains the wider seat (than the older Fenn Mako).
  • Wider at and behind the seat.
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 (by Rob Mousley)

Keith Fenn (Photo: Rob Mousley) 
 Keith Fenn

I love my parents in law (really!) but the thought of spending my Christmas vacation with them was daunting. Why? They live in East London, 1100km from my home in Cape Town... and, having logged many, many hours training for the 2005 Cape Point Challenge I had agreed to play family man and leave my ski behind. Ten days with no paddling...? It couldn't be done.


A cunning plan occured to me however - the Fenn Kayaks factory is also located in East London. Could it possibly be that Keith Fenn might agree to lend me a ski so that I could write a review for