Milnerton Downwind

Sunday, 30 April 2006 19:25 | Written by 
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A black southeaster hit Cape Town this weekend and the 30kt wind on Saturday afternoon was perfect for a downwind.  


Two unidentified paddlers were spotted leaving Milnerton beach, clearly for a Milnerton to Big Bay run...  Elsa Lourens took the photos.


The two timed it just right (or to put it another way, they were lucky), flying over a set of at least three waves that were peaking just as they crossed.  


First of three waves.


Elsa was sure the ski on the left was going to be eaten by the last wave.  Both survived the trip out though and turned at the buoy, heading off downwind in the direction of Big Bay.


Bit of a breeze.


Rumour has it that the runs were superb, the wind pushing up the classic regular wind-waves that Table Bay is known for... 


Curling, curling...


One of the paddlers reported that they'd made the 10km from Buoy to Big Bay in just over 42 minutes.  "And we weren't really trying," he grinned. 


...sure the ski was going to be eaten...


...but it wasn't!


To put this in perspective: Jasper Mocke, Dawid's younger brother is the holder of the record for the Milnerton to Big Bay Downwind Dash having done the run in 35:21 during the 2005-2006 season on a Custom Kayaks Titan.


You've got some way to go, boys!