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Monday, 31 October 2005 17:13 | Written by 
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Firstly what do we want to do?
  • Make surfski information centralised and accessible
  • Build an online community of surf-ski enthusiasts
  • Welcome and guide newcomers to the sport
  • Provide useful and credible content
  • Have fun
  • Paddle a lot
What inspires SurfSki.Info?

SurfSki.Info is inspired by the spirit of Open Source software - where a community give freely of their talents to create something that is of benefit to others. Computer folk have quietly become some of the most generous people around. Communally they produce the best software available - all for free! This site would not be here without these people, I thank and salute them.

Speaking of good people... while browsing the surfski newsgroups on Yahoo I came across regular high-quality postings by a person named Rob Mousley, who Dawid Mocke once described as the 'keenest surfkier on the planet'. I wrote one email to Rob on the 25th November telling him of my fledgling website and that same day I had an inbox full of articles and the site's daily visitor count went from 6 to 160. He is a human network, it is fitting that he works for a company called Grapevine. Nice work Rob, you share the spirit of open source and are a very welcome partner of SurfSki.Info.

Alain Jaques - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Alain Jaques goes around Robben Island
Alain Jaques

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