Kayak Centre to build V10s for SA Market

Wednesday, 05 April 2006 18:24 | Written by 
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Kayak Centre has entered into a license agreement with Epic Kayaks to build V10 skis for the South African market.


Oscar Chalupsky, Epic’s Vice President Sales, said he was delighted when Kayak Centre approached him with their proposal to build the V10 and V10 Sport skis for the South African market. Kayak Centre have a long history of building kayaks and surf skis. “People forget,” Oscar said, “Kayak Centre used to build skis for me 20 years ago – remember the original ‘Chalupsky’ skis? And they used make product for my father before that.”  


"We're unbelievably stoked," said Ken Holden of Kayak Centre, "we've been focussing on Kayak design for the last ten years and it's great to be back in the ski market."


Ken tried out a V10 for the first time a few days ago. “I hadn’t been on a ski for years,” he said, “I paddle mostly on rivers. But the V10 is fantastic, no trouble at all. It’s basically idiot-proof.”


Aside from the ski itself - “great shape” - he singled out the drain in the footwell for special praise. “People look at the volume in the cockpit caused by the adjustable rudder pedals,” he said, “but I found that the cockpit drained incredibly fast – 15 strokes and the water was gone.”


The V10 and V10 Sport will be offered (in glass lay-up) at a price of R6900 incl. VAT.


Kayak Centre Factory


“There are three moulds in the country,” said Ken, “but obviously we have to check whether they are compatible with the way we do things. But we hope to have boats out quickly - in a couple of weeks.” Kayak Centre is already taking orders.


Although the skis will only be offered in glass lay-up to begin with, Ken hopes that they’ll be building with carbon or other lighter materials in the not too distant future.


Ric Whitton finishing a Dorado S2 at Kayak Centre


For more info on Kayak Centre, click here.

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