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A clear sign that the popularity of our sport is exploding is evidenced by the number of websites springing up around the world.  Here are a couple of the most recent...



Devoted to surfski racing in the USA - and featuring a number of ski comparisons and reviews, the team of Wesley Echols and Mark Ceconi have even made a DVD for aspirant paddlers looking to buy their first surfski.

Check the site out at

Sweden -

Run by Peter Ekström, this active blog mostly covers news in Sweden, but also has a number of interesting articles about technique and training.

Australia -

" more of a social commentry on Paddling in WA, and has a large focus, especially at the moment, on the Avon Descent."

There's some good stuff on technique and training.

Check it out at

UK -

Why would a surfski site be called ""?  Why would it have no title on the homepage? 

Anyone want to sponsor webmaster and chief paddler & race organiser Ian attendance at Marketing 101?!

At any rate, this is an active community based in Dorset, UK...  Check them out at!

France - Didier's Blog

Didier Plouhinec must the most enthusiastic paddler/writer/inventor in France...  His blog already has 239 articles and he's developed all kinds of gadgets and add-ons for his trusty V10 Sport.  His site could also be called "Pimp my ski!"

Check it out at

Canada - SurfskiBC

For Canada, British Columbia (Pacific North West), go to  This is an awesome site and is designed and run by die hard paddler Jeff Raymond.

Surfski Italy

Another area in Europe where surfski is taking off is Italy... This site is run by Mario Graziani.  It's part in English, part in Italian.  Mario is a rabid paddler and drives around Italy with an awesome set of roofracks that take 8 (yes, that's EIGHT) skis!

The site is at: 

More sites?  Tell us about them...

Tell us about your surfski website & we'll give a shout out to it...

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