Maraamu Surfski Race - Tahiti

Monday, 02 September 2013 10:54 | Written by  Sebastien Mosole
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Maraamu Surfski Race - Tahiti

This year the Maraamu Surfski Race will take place on September 14. For the fifth edition, the organizing committee has the honor to welcome among the registrants, Dean Gardiner, Clint Robinson (Molokai 2013 Champion), Jeremy Cotter and  Michael Booth!  We also have confirmation from some New Zealanders and several other Australians!

This year is marked by the desire of the host club Bora Ocean Paddle, to really go international. Tahitian paddlers will be even more motivated, new adversaries, a level of performance that will push Tahitians to excel in their warm waters!

The ambiance will be hot too! 26°C, 60% humidity, water temperature ……. 25°! An identical course to that of last year, a crossing! One island to another island! And what an island! Tahaa, the Vanilla Island to Bora Bora, the Pearl of the Pacific! 38 Kilometers of pure surf! The finish line on a private island, white sand , coconut trees followed by a tasting of the famous Ma'a Tahiti (a buffet of local specialties)!

After this magnificent journey, a catamaran ride on the turquoise waters of the most beautiful lagoon the world to the Hotel Maitai Polynésia for some well deserved R&R, rest and relaxation! In the evening, at sunset, we head to the famous Bloody Mary's Restaurant for the awards ceremony. A western buffet & grill awaits paddlers with the background musical sounds of Orohena Sons! Rock & Roll!

There you have it, all the ingredients combined to make the 5th Annual Maraamu Surfski race, an exceptional race, powered not only on physical performance but also on what Tahitians are reputed for, their hospitality. The mixture of our culture, our traditions and our tropical environment.

2012 Event

Rambo was on hand to record last year's event - and what a cracker it was...

Maaramu 2013

The meeting of the world's greatest kayakers on one of the smallest islands of the world........

 A weekend to forget performance and rank for a moment and focus  more importantly on doing as our voyaging Tahitian ancestors who fearlessly crossed from island to island discovering new lands.

Today we are proud to be recognized as a major destination for surfski and thus see in the water with our Tahitian paddlers, the global elite! They’ll all be there September 14th and will be the attraction of the moment.  We need to be at the level of our guests and the image that we represent in the world!

So for all those who dream of surfing in the most beautiful lagoon in the world ....... stay connected and get ready to see one of the best surfski downwinds in the world.  For those who will not be here this round.... see you next year! Iaorana!

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