ICF Ocean Racing World Championships – WE NEED YOU…

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ICF Ocean Racing World Championships – WE NEED YOU…

…to help bring live streaming of the event to life.  It’s easy: all you have to do is subscribe to the White Hot Media Youtube channel.

Inaugural ICF Ocean Racing World Champs, 12-14 July 2013

The very first ICF Ocean Racing World Champs will be run in Vila do Conde, Portugal, some time between 12 and 14 July.  The weather will determine the exact day that the race will be run; the organizers are determined that if at all possible the race will be a proper cracking downwind run.

ICF Ocean Racing World Championships


So here’s the thing: over the years various events have tried to bring surfski races to life for the masses of keen spectators around the world.  Surfski.info pioneered the use of GPS trackers at the Molokai Challenge in 2008; at the Durban World Cup in 2009 and has run live text commentary at many races since then.

Well and good, but there’s nothing like VIDEO!  But it has to be done properly, with commentary to support it, high definition images and several cameras on the course.  A pixilated row-resolution blur of faint objects with nothing to tell you what they are just doesn’t cut it!

But, for the first time, White Hot Media will be streaming live video via Youtube at 720p – that’s the same resolution that the America’s Cup video channel uses.  And they’ll have full on commentary to tell us all what’s happening, the tactics and the weather conditions (even though we’ll be able to see clearly what’s going on…!).

Won’t that be cool?

1000 Subscribers

But… a crucial element of all this is that in order to broadcast via Youtube, Youtube stipulates that you must have a thousand subscribers to your channel.

So here’s an appeal:  Please go to the White Hot Media TV page on Youtube AND CLICK SUBSCRIBE! 

It's here: https://www.youtube.com/user/WHITEHOTMEDIATV

White Hot Media

Click here to get to the page, then click the Subscribe button!

Who’s going to be there?

Although there are a number of European paddlers who are becoming more and more competitive, I believe it’s going to be a two-country race in Portugal: South Africa v Australia.

The South African team comprises:

Open Men

  • Sean Rice (current SA single Surfski Champion)
  • Hank McGregor
  • Grant vd Walt
  • Matt Bouman
  • Richard von Wildermann

2012 Ocean Paddler World Series Champion Dawid Mocke and runner up Jasper Mocke were unavailable for selection, but will also be racing.

Open Women

  • Michelle Burn
  • Nikki Mocke

Defending Nelo Summer Challenge champ Michele Eray will also be racing (she was unavailable for selection for the SA team.)

Click here for the full South African team.

The Australian team includes:

Open Men

  • Tim Jacobs
  • Clint Robinson
  • Sam Norton
  • Cory Hill
  • Greg Tobin

Open Women

  • Kate McGrath
  • Ruth Highman
  • Hannah Minogue
  • Rowena Coghill
  • Trudi Barnes

Click here for the full Aussie Team

A host of other nations have put together teams for the event including Spain, Portugal, the UK, the USA… 

Event Program

The event program has been published, see below:

(For more info, click here for the event website.)

ICF Ocean Racing World Championships Program

Program for the 2013 ICF Ocean Racing World Championships

Click Subscribe!

It’s not only for this event; once we’ve got the channel established, it can be used for other surfski events too…  so please go ahead to the White Hot Media Youtube page at https://www.youtube.com/user/WHITEHOTMEDIATV and click that subscribe button!

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