Video of the week: Big Saturday in sydney

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Video of the week: Big Saturday in sydney

Trees blown down on powerlines, roofs ripped off buildings, yachts blown ashore...  Downwind time in Sydney, Australia!

Ex-South African Tim Wightman created this little video, paddling in some awesome conditions...

He also demostrates convincingly why it's good to have a leash even if it's only between ski and paddle!  

Couple of other comments - the arse-first method is sometimes easier when it comes to remounting...!  And in the video you can see some pretty savage broaches...  I'd recommend an elliptical rudder to sort that out!

Check out the harbour ferry plunging through the waves going upwind at about 3:30 in the video.

Haha!  There's a vicious attempted T-bone in the video too - this video's got everything!

Nice one Tim!


Big Wednesday

And here's another one from earlier in the year: 

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