The Doctor (Aus): Rambo's Video (and The Nurse)

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Tim Jacobs and Bruce Taylor sprint for the finish Tim Jacobs and Bruce Taylor sprint for the finish Credits: Tanya Mangold

Last weekend's Doctor race in Perth ended with one of the tightest finishes ever as Tim Jacobs and Bruce Taylor charged the finish; TJ did the business as the two men ran up the beach to claim his first victory in the race.

Rambo's Video

Rambo has become a fixture at the big Aussie races - good for us!  Here's his video-take on the Doctor.

The Doctor 2011 from Ocean Sports Media on Vimeo.


The Nurse

(written by Craig Fisher)

The “Nurse” is so named because it takes tired and broken ski paddlers into recovery from the Doctor and makes them feel warm and fuzzy again.

The course is an interesting run down an iconic piece of South West WA Coastline.

The start is in a protected bay called Gnarabup overlooked by a cafe shop providing paddlers with caffeine shots and relaxation before the start.


The caffeine fix strategically placed on the start line.

From the start it leads out a channel (entry chute) into unprotected ocean swells being kicked up from the roaring forties with a reach all the way to South Africa. This provides powerful surf even on the smallest days. There is a turn right across Boaties a large wave with a long lead up (skittles) and can kick up at any time. The trick is timing the turn so you don’t get caught inside when it is breaking.


The Chute and Skittles on a 4.5m swell the following day after the race.


From here is a 3km line (the ladder) out to Cow Rock to get a good line for a run down the coast. On your right hand side is Bombies and Main break which can break up to 25ft. The trick is taking your line to set up your run with the wind but not going too high. Cow Rock has a large bombie that breaks on larger swells and can snot unsuspecting ski paddlers at a moment’s notice. Once you make your turn it is one of the best downwinds in the world (the gonad run). This Christmas there was a GPS recording of 45km/h on a double ski after two lead up bumps. This reading has been hotly disputed but the recording is there for posterity. At the end of the run there is a turn into gracetown which has a large rock then three smaller submerged rocks. The area becomes shallow and the waves can feather behind you and the there is a lot of refraction off the rocks. There is a run between the rocks (the chicken run) or you go around the outside and then into the bay and to the finish. If you go through the rocks then there is a large wave that breaks on the inside which can give your sphincter a good test on bigger days.  The course can be totally exhilarating with rouge waves popping up at any time. The runs are phenomenal.

The conditions for the race were small with moderate wind. Jasper and Tom came out first and turned early over skittles and Jasper took a lower line. Bruce also went low and paid the price having to work up into the gonad run. All three diced down the coast with little distance separating them. Coming up to the turn into Gracetown Bruce (shortcut) Taylor decided to go for the chicken run and went through the rocks against course instructions. Bruce finished first but was penalised 3 minutes for his indiscretion.

michele eray

Michele Eray winning the Doctor

Michelle Eray went off 5 minutes before the Mens race and came in 7th after the two Deans and the first double of Wayne Ashford and Richard Eadie.

Jasper was one happy individual to win the inaugural The Nurse race.

After the race several paddlers came back for an Australia Day barbecue where there were many discussions about Oscar’s antics. Oscar’s book of antics would be a best seller I am sure! This was followed by a spot of Marron Fishing (freshwater crayfish) at midnight lead by Dean Gardiner. This involved finding many several dry creek lines, crawling over electrified fences and looking for water on private and public property. Dean was harking back to the feral days of his youth!

dean gardiner

A lean, mean Deano finishes the Doctor

This race should become a great tonic after the stress of seeing the Doctor.

The Nurse will not disappoint!


PlaceCatCraft NameFinal Time
3 3 ski Bruce Taylor 01:06:26
1 1 ski Jasper Mocke 01:03:36
2 2 ski Tom Schilperoot 01:04:10
4 4 ski Dean Gardner 01:06:20
5 5 ski Dean Beaumont 01:06:48
6 1 Double Wayne Ashord / Richard Eadie 01:07:48
7 1 Woman Ski Michele Eray 01:13:10
8 6 ski Brendan Rice 01:08:22
9 7 ski Nick Taylor 01:08:47
10 8 ski Adam Bloemfield 01:08:52
11 1 Mixed Double Gary and Bernice Butlion 01:11:00
12 1 sup Travis Grant 01:31:50
13 2 Woman Ski Ruth Highman 01:17:10
14 9 ski Peter Hynes 01:13:20
15 10 ski Dwayne Powell 01:14:40
16 11 ski Sawtell 01:15:00
17 12 ski Glen Orchard 01:15:00
18 2 sup Courtney Gray 01:35:00
19 13 ski Boatright 01:16:00
20 2 Double Spec Kelly and Nesbit 01:16:00
21 14 ski Kendrick 01:17:00
22 15 ski Andy Ross 01:18:00
23 16 ski Mark Nathan 01:18:00
24 17 ski Kim Bingham 01:19:00
25 3 sup Bart Dezwart 01:40:00
26 4 sup Andy Davies 01:40:00
27 3 Women Ski Lara Taylor 01:28:00
28 18 ski Phil Williams 01:23:00
29 1 plastic Andrew Crathers 01:28:00
30 5 sup Scott McUrcher 01:46:00
31 6 sup Damon Eastman 01:47:00
32 7 sup Dale Chapman 01:47:00
33 1 women sup Fernando Gray 01:59:00
34 19 ski Peter Glory 01:31:00
35 20 ski Seton 01:31:00
36 21 ski Tom Sitnett 01:31:00
37 1 woman plastic Natalie Long 01:36:00
38 8 sup Cam Obierne 01:55:00
39 22 ski Mark Webster 01:36:00
40 23 ski Robert Dare 01:37:00
41 9 sup Andrew Hill 01:58:00
42 10 sup Luke Jenkins 02:02:00
43 11 sup Dean Bruce 02:03:00
44 12 sup Gavin Smith 02:03:00
45 13 sup Daniel Bell 02:03:00
46 14 sup Greg Shepherd 02:03:00
47 15 sup Simon 02:15:00
48 24 ski Dane Simmet 02:03:00

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