Dragon Run: Clinical Win for Dawid Mocke **Results and pics**

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Dawid wins the 2010 Dragon Run Dawid wins the 2010 Dragon Run Credits: Graham Uden

South African Dawid Mocke put on a clinical display to win the 25km Hong Kong Dragon Run this morning.  Aussie Jeremy Cotter came second.

Preparation pays off

A jubilant Mocke paid tribute to the Aussie paddlers as he described how his race preparation was geared to getting ahead and staying ahead.  “Here’s a warning for all the other paddlers out there,” he said.  “The Aussies are incredibly strong, and they just don’t give up.  The depth of talent is frightening!”

Start to Nine Pins

Mocke said that he was expecting there to be some reflected swell off Steep Island, a km from the start.  “Ben Allen did his usual thing and went off like a rocket,” he said.  “But the reflected waves helped and I was able to string some runs together.  My whole aim was to try to get ahead at the start and then maintain it.”

Mocke had a lead of some 20m by the time the lead group had reached nine pins island.

Nine Pins to Cape D’Aguilar

From there he knew that he had to stay on an outside line down to Cape D’Aguilar in spite of the wind, waves and current that were pushing in from the left.

“The current was strong,” he said, “and I realized I was being pushed too far in.  I just hoped that the guys behind me were on the same line.”  They were – and when Mocke corrected his course, they seemed to stay on the inshore line, to their detriment.

Dragon Run

Course - start at the top, Nine Pins Island to the right

Last 5km to the finish

On rounding the cape for the 5km section to the finish, Mocke knew that he’d have to keep his head down.  “The first 3km actually had the best runs of the whole race,” he said.  “But as I came into Clearwater Bay, the brakes went on; I turned around and could see Cotter and Rhodes coming up…  They are so strong!

“I had scouted the bay a few days earlier and knew the line to take to the finish – it worked and I was able to stay ahead.

“I’m very stoked to take this one again,” he went on.  “I wanted to finish the season by wining at least one of these two last races.  Now that this one’s in the bag, it gives me a big advantage going into Dubai.

Nikki Mocke won the women’s race, nearly ten minutes ahead of second place Ruth Highman (Aus).


Photos by Graham Uden http://grahamuden.com/

(The thumbnails appear black on some computers - click on them to see the pics.)





V8 v Fenn XT

In a fun race within a race, Oscar Chalupsky paddled Epic’s new beginner boat, the V8 while Dean Gardiner paddled a Fenn XT.  Chalupsky came second!

Oscar Chalupsky lines up with Dean Gardiner

Oscar Chalupsky (Epic V8) lines up with Dean Gardiner (Fenn XT) (Herman Chalupsky behind)

World Championship Race?

“This would make a great venue for a World Champs,” said Mocke afterwards.  “The conditions are superb, the organization top notch.”

Photos and official results will be up later today.

Full Results

Race NoNameCountryDivisionOverall PlaceTimeModelCategory Place
133 Dawid Mocke ZAF SS1-MALE 1 01:33:30 Fenn-Mako Elite 1st SS1-M
12 Jeremy Cotter AUS SS1-MALE 2 01:34:07 Fenn-Mako Elite 2nd SS1-M
15 David Rhodes AUS SS1-MALE 3 01:34:20 Fenn-Mako Elite 3rd SS1-M
98 Ben Allen AUS SS1-MALE 4 01:34:50 Think-Uno 4th SS1-M
40 Bruce Taylor AUS SS1-MALE 5 01:35:32 Fenn-Mako Elite 5th SS1-M
9 Jasper Mocke ZAF SS1-MALE 6 01:36:32 Fenn-Mako Elite 6th SS1-M
2 Cory Hill AUS SS1-MALE 7 01:36:47 Epic-V12 7th SS1-M
1 Herman Chalupsky ZAF SS1-MALE 8 01:38:26 Epic-V10 8th SS1-M
100 Michael Booth AUS SS1-MALE 9 01:38:54 Fenn-Mako Elite 9th SS1-M
66 Sean Rice ZAF SS1-MALE 10 01:39:20 Think-Uno 10th SS1-M
79 Brad Rodgers AUS SS1-MALE 11 01:40:21 Fenn-Mako Elite 11th SS1-M
50 Mark Anderson AUS SS1-MALE 12 01:40:51 Fenn-Mako Elite 12th SS1-M
21 Hayden Smith DUB SS1-MALE 13 01:41:20 Fenn-Mako Elite 13th SS1-M
39 Dean Beament AUS SS1-MALE 14 01:42:00 Fenn-Mako Elite 14th SS1-M
29 Dean Gardiner AUS SS1-MALE 15 01:42:22 Fenn XT 15th SS1-M
124 Nuno Andre Santos POR SS1-MALE 16 01:43:02 Nelo 16th SS1-M
136 Brendan Rice AUS SS1-MALE 17 01:43:22 Other 17th SS1-M
8 Oscar Chalupsky ZAF SS1-MALE 18 01:48:00 Epic-V8 18th SS1-M
123 Nikki Mocke ZAF SS1-FEMALE 19 01:50:28 Fenn-Mako Elite 1st SS1-F
32 Paul Navarro AUS SS1-MALE 20 01:50:55 Fenn-Mako Elite 19th SS1-M
26 Simon Doger de Speville MUS SS1-MALE 21 01:52:23 Epic-V10 20th SS1-M
11 Gaven Needham DUB SS1-MALE 22 01:52:31 Fenn-Mako Elite 21st SS1-M
88 Rene Appel HKG SS1-MALE 23 01:52:53 Epic-V12 22nd SS1-M
14 Jon Dingley HKG SS1-MALE 24 01:53:55 Epic-V10 23rd SS1-M
102 Leon Rossbotham HKG SS1-MALE 25 01:53:56 Think-Uno 24th SS1-M
71 Rob Wall HKG SS1-MALE 26 01:56:13 Fenn-Mako Elite 25th SS1-M
62 Karel Tresnak Jr USA OC1-MALE 27 01:56:46 OC-Zephyr 1st OC1-M
36 William Lee DUB SS1-MALE 28 01:58:19 Epic-V12 26th SS1-M
97 Daryl Remmler CAN SS1-MALE 29 02:00:04 Think-Evo 27th SS1-M
5 Ruth Highman AUS SS1-FEMALE 30 02:00:46 Epic-V10L 2nd SS1-F
101 Matt Kelly CAN SS1-MALE 31 02:02:28 Think-Evo 28th SS1-M
82 Shun Kobayashi JPN OC1-MALE 32 02:02:44 OC-Pegasus 2nd OC1-M
72 Kenny Kaneko JPN OC1-MALE 33 02:04:55 OC-Pegasus 3rd OC1-M
35 Jason Henchman HKG SS1-MALE 34 02:05:00 OC2 29th SS1-M
86 Matthew Bennett HKG SS1-MALE 35 02:05:40 Epic-V10 Sport 30th SS1-M
63 Nick Barnes HKG SS1-MALE 36 02:07:34 Epic-V10 31st SS1-M
6 Connell Weston HKG SS1-MALE 37 02:08:24 Epic-V10 32nd SS1-M
46 Peter Bengtsson DUB SS1-MALE 38 02:09:21 Epic-V12 33rd SS1-M
114 John Bennett HKG SS1-MALE 39 02:10:56 Epic-V10 Sport 34th SS1-M
70 John Violett HKG SS1-MALE 40 02:11:32 Epic-V10 Sport 35th SS1-M
3 Boris Manzewski HKG SS1-MALE 41 02:13:03 Epic-V10 Sport 36th SS1-M
73 Steve Taylor HKG OC1-MALE 42 02:13:33 Other 4th OC1-M
56 Camille de Carmejani-Vesc HKG SS1-FEMALE 43 02:13:46 Epic-V10 Sport 3rd SS1-F
69 Lee Mussi HKG OC1-MALE 44 02:15:20 OC-Fuze 5th OC1-M
41 Nicholas Yap SGP SS1-MALE 45 02:15:20 Fenn-Mako 6 37th SS1-M
90 Chris Pennicott HKG SS1-MALE 46 02:15:38 Epic-V10 Sport 38th SS1-M
122 Adam Crawford HKG SS1-MALE 47 02:17:25 Epic-V10 Sport 39th SS1-M
126 Gwinner Uli HKG SS1-MALE 48 02:18:24 Epic-V10 Sport 40th SS1-M
22 Doug Woodring & Simon Zeng HKG OC2-OPEN 49 02:20:12 Other 1st OC2-O
60 Jean Marc Sauzier MUS SS1-MALE 50 02:20:22 Epic-V10 Sport 41st SS1-M
68 Lara Wozniak HKG SS1-FEMALE 51 02:21:38 Epic-V10 Sport 4th SS1-F
52 Brett Boutelle JPN OC1-MALE 52 02:22:14 OC 6th OC1-M
115 John McLennan & Ross Ethorn HKG OC2-OPEN 53 02:22:18 Other 2nd OC2-O
106 Bruce Macfarlane HKG SS1-MALE 54 02:23:46 Epic-V10 Sport 42nd SS1-M
107 Paul Hilton HKG SS1-MALE 55 02:24:30 Epic-V10 43rd SS1-M
125 John Pache & Alice Page HKG OC2-OPEN 56 02:24:49 Other 3rd OC2-O
51 Seiya Kawamata JPN OC1-MALE 57 02:25:33 OC 7th OC1-M
116 Peter Gardener ZAF SS1-MALE 58 02:25:32 Fenn-Mako XT 44th SS1-M
61 Kazuhisa Tanaka JPN SS1-MALE 59 02:25:40 Think-Evo 45th SS1-M

Vincent Mathieu Vaucelle &

Cyrille Combes

HKG OC2-OPEN 60 02:27:25 Other 4th OC2-O
112 Xen Gladstone HKG SS1-MALE 61 02:30:26 Fenn-Mako XT 46th SS1-M
31 Kazushige Nakao JPN OC1-MALE 62 02:33:58 OC-Osprey 8th OC1-M
81 Naomi Kobara JPN OC1-FEMALE 63 02:34:05 Other 1st OC1-F
142 Bruce Seymour HKG SS1-MALE 64 02:35:22 Epic-V8 47th SS1-M
30 Lister Woo HKG OC1-MALE 65 02:36:08 OC-Hurricane 9th OC1-M
113 Wataru Tamura JPN SS1-MALE 66 02:39:45 Other 48th SS1-M
127 Makino Messan HKG OC1-FEMALE 67 02:39:55 Other 2nd OC1-F
49 Riitta Hanninen HKG SS1-FEMALE 68 02:44:58 Other 5th SS1-F
16 Ross Meyer ZAF SS1-MALE 69 02:45:15 Fenn-Mako Elite 49th SS1-M
111 Pete Grout 'El Baldy Locks' HKG SS1-MALE 70 02:48:51 Epic-V10 50th SS1-M
91 Christian Brun HKG SS1-MALE 71 02:49:53 Fenn-Mako XT 51st SS1-M
19 Mei-Leisa Tuicolo HKG OC1-FEMALE 72 02:50:20 Other 3rd OC1-F
38 Ryan Blair HKG SS1-MALE 73 02:50:22 Epic-V10 Sport 52nd SS1-M
59 Rupert Harrow HKG SS1-MALE 74 02:52:04 Fenn-Mako XT 53rd SS1-M
10 Owen Phillips JPN SS1-MALE 75 02:53:04 Fenn-Mako Elite 54th SS1-M
94 Sasagawa Yoshinori JPN SS1-MALE 76 02:55:23 Epic-V10 55th SS1-M
105 Martha Levin HKG OC1-FEMALE 77 02:57:28 OC-Fuze 4th OC1-F
96 Shouichi Katou HKG SS1-MALE 78 02:58:00 Epic-V10L 56th SS1-M
80 Hidenori Terada JPN OC1-MALE 79 02:58:40 00:00:00 10th OC1-M
131 Edith Buchanan Terry & Lee Wong HKG OC2-OPEN 80 03:04:14 Other 5th OC2-O
146 Shekhar Kumta HKG SS1-MALE 81 03:10:28 Epic-V10 Sport 57th SS1-M
104 Phil Rowland HKG SS1-MALE 82 03:40:50 Epic-V10 Sport 58th SS1-M
118 Ian Mackie SGP SS1-MALE 83 04:14:45 Epic-V10 Sport 59th SS1-M
134 Ben Mason HKG SS1-MALE 84 04:32:15 Epic-V10 Sport 60th SS1-M
132 Matthew Browne HKG OC1-MALE DNF DNF OC-Pegasus DNF
42 Matthew UL HKG SS1-MALE DNF DNF Epic-V10 Sport DNF
117 Mitsuhobu Gohda JPN SS1-MALE DNF DNF Epic-V10L DNF


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