More of Rambo’s US Champs Video – The Doubles Race

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US Champs - Doubles Race US Champs - Doubles Race Credits: Don Albonico/

The second day of the US Surfski Championships event is supposed to be a laid-back: a doubles race followed by a fun relay.  But, “Fark this was exhausting just to watch the sprint finish!” said the irrepressible Rambo who captured the moment on video.


The doubles race was held in sunny, benign conditions and the course was a simple out and back to Treasure Island; 9.5mi/15km.

The pace out to the turning was fairly relaxed with the pull rotating between the lead boats.  Olympians Philippe Boccara and Richard Sprout pulled a little way in front to round the buoy first, but a lead bunch of four skis quickly formed again for the section back to Berkeley.

Gradually the pace increased however, and Mocke/Rice pulled in front.  Boccara/Sprout answered the challenge but the rest of the mob soon fell back despite their best efforts.

The last 500m saw the two lead boats flat-out sprinting – but Boccara/Sprout just couldn’t keep up with the two younger paddlers and Mocke/Rice crossed the line first.


1 107 Sean Rice, Dawid Mocke 00:49:38
2 109 Philippe Bocarra, Richard Sprout 00:49:55
3 12 Carter Johnson, Dave Jensen 00:50:03
4 101 Donald Kiesling, Gabe Newton 00:50:09
5 103 Patrick Hemmens, DeAnne Hemmens 00:51:32
6 108 Cliff Meidl, Mark Hamilton 00:52:50
7 110 Corry Fitzgibbons, Rich Long 00:54:15
8 106 Elaine Baden, Martin Sundberg 00:54:39
9 176 Eva Mauck, Sean Lupton-Smith 00:54:51
10 105 Debbie Arthur, Morris Arthur 00:55:39
11 104 Andy Howell, Mike Berry 01:01:37
12 102 John Burrows, Robert Barry DNF equip prob

US Surfski Champs Relay Race

Relay Race

The Aussies sprang back into contention in the relay race, teaming up with Rami Zur in “Team Fenn” to win by 14sec from Mocke/Rice/Sprout/Allen.

Each member of the team paddled 2km – out and back before handing over to the next member.  Paddling was fast and furious – nothing less than a sprint for 2km.


1 Team Fenn: Eckstein, Anderson, Cotter, Zur 00:19:13
2 Mocke, Rice, Allen, Sprout 00:19:27
3 Team 178: Barton, Meidl, Thomas, Hamilton 00:21:20
4 Team BG: Johnson, Graham, Newton, Jensen 00:21:36
5 Team Huki: Barry, Burrows, Yonley, Turczynski 00:21:53
6 "The Unknowns" : Tanner, Fitzgibbons, Owens, Long 00:22:13
7 "Oh Hell, DFL" : Liu, Dunn, Losli, Rowell 00:27:11


Rambo's Video

US SurfSki Champs 2010 Doubles Racing from Ocean Sports Media on Vimeo.

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