Server Upgrade - Done & Dusted

Tuesday, 08 April 2008 16:36 | Written by 
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After some late nights and many emails to our service provider we are glad to report that Surfski.Info is up and running on our very own managed server. We were basically given final notice last week by our service provider to vacate the shared server or be shut down. We had outgrown the neighbourhood and were taking up more resources than was permissible.

With the new server we have plenty room to grow, in fact we are only taking up a third of the space that we are paying for. So if you would like to make use of that space to host your website (and help out with the cost of hosting then please let us know by emailing us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you don't have a website yet then this is the ideal opportunity for us to help you build one.


Why we moved?

Previously we were on a shared server at our ISP - appropriate for a small website.  "Shared" means just that - there are about 1,500 other websites on the same server.

The problem is that as has grown, we've started using more and more bandwidth - particularly during our live coverage of events.

This account has been suspended

The worst moment of my life came when I'd just written up the interview with Dawid Mocke after the Dubai Shamaal race in November 2007.  I typed the last sentence and clicked on "Save". The screen went blank and then a message displayed: "This account has been suspended. Please contact customer support!"

What had happened was that we had so many people online watching the race that we were using 95% of the "system resources" on the server and our ISP had pulled the plug on us.  "We either did that," they said, "or all 1,500 other sites would have gone down too."

In a way it was kinda cool - we'd attacted so much interest that we'd blown the server...  But we knew we could get away with that once - it must never happen again!

New Server

So our ISP suggested we move to our own machine with much more disk space and much more bandwidth...  It's costing a whole lot more of course but we're managing to pay for the hosting through advertising... So please support our sponsors, they make this site possible.

Missing content...

If you added comments or posting between Thursday and Saturday then please check to see if they appear. Some things might have been missed in the move. Also if you notice any bugs then let us know immediatly.

Thanks for bearing with us - it's a pain but it's got to be done.  We don't want "this account has been suspended" in the middle of the Molokai coverage!

Thanks for your patience,

Rob & Alain.