The Science of Paddling - Part I

Wednesday, 17 June 2009 15:37 | Written by 
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Paddling in Synch! Paddling in Synch! Credits: Anthony Grote

Why aren’t doubles twice as fast as single skis? If I lose weight, will I go faster?  For some answers to these vexed questions... read on!

We recently came across this great piece by Shawn Burke – and thought it an opportune time to post it, given the interest in the articles in the technical article on the Red7 Bullets, so courtesy of Shawn Burke PhD, here it is!

Click here for The Science of Paddling - Part 1 in pdf format

But wait, there’s more… This is just the first of four articles that he is planning to write.

The rest will cover:

  • Why tandem paddlers should (must!) paddle in sync
  • An analysis of paddle force profiles and blade size in light of energy conservation
  • A simple presentation on hull stability…

Part II has been written and is being published in Competitive Paddler, the print newsletter of the New England Canoe and Kayak Racing Association (NECKRA). We hope to be able to post it in the not too distant future.

Part III is in “outline form”… I can’t wait. Go Shawn!

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