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Aussies dominate!  Shannon Eckstein in only his third long distance ski race, won the 2009 Dragon Run, beating compatriots Jeremy Cotter and Tim Jacobs, with South Africans Clint Pretorius and Dawid Mocke coming in 4 & 5.  Michele Eray won the women's race in a tight tussle with Aussie Ruth Highman (2nd) and Katie Pocock (NZ) (3rd).



Race conditions were challenging, cold and overcast with a 30kt wind from the north.  


A full race report will follow later with more photos.


Official Results - 2009 Dragon Run

NameCountrySki/OCOverall PlaceTimeDivisionCategory Place
Shannon Eckstein AUS Fenn Elite 1 01:33:05 SS-MALE 1st SS-M
Jeremy Cotter AUS Fenn Elite 2 01:33:20 SS-MALE 2nd SS-M
Tim Jacobs AUS Epic V10 3 01:34:51 SS-MALE 3rd SS-M
Clint Pretorius ZAR Fenn Elite 4 01:35:39 SS-MALE 4th SS-M
Dawid Mocke ZAR Fenn Elite 5 01:36:03 SS-MALE 5th SS-M
Daryl Bartho ZAR Fenn Elite 6 01:37:14 SS-MALE 6th SS-M
Dean Gardiner AUS Fenn Elite 7 01:37:52 SS-MALE 7th SS-M
Scott Rutherford ZAR Fenn Elite 8 01:38:27 SS-MALE 8th SS-M
Barry Lewin ZAR Fenn Elite 9 01:38:47 SS-MALE 9th SS-M
Jasper Mocke ZAR Fenn Elite 10 01:38:53 SS-MALE 10th SS-M
Mark Anderson AUS Fenn Elite 11 01:38:57 SS-MALE 11th SS-M
Steve Woods ZAR Fenn Elite 12 01:39:58 SS-MALE 12th SS-M
Shaun Rice ZAR Think Uno 13 01:40:22 SS-MALE 13th SS-M
Hank McGregor ZAR Epic V12 14 01:40:48 SS-MALE 14th SS-M
Tom Schilperoort ZAR Fenn Elite 15 01:40:53 SS-MALE 15th SS-M
Mark Minchin AUS Fenn Elite 16 01:41:57 SS-MALE 16th SS-M
Hayden Smith DUB Epic V12 17 01:42:02 SS-MALE 17th SS-M
Tony Schumacher AUS Think Uno 18 01:42:42 SS-MALE 18th SS-M
Dean Beaumont AUS Fenn Elite 19 01:43:47 SS-MALE 19th SS-M
Brendan Rice AUS Epic V12 20 01:47:27 SS-MALE 20th SS-M
Greg Cooper AUS Fenn Elite 21 01:49:36 SS-MALE 21st SS-M
Peter O'Higgins AUS Epic V10L 22 01:51:59 SS-MALE 22nd SS-M
Gilles Guidikian TAH Fenn Elite 23 01:53:15 SS-MALE 23rd SS-M
Michelle Eray ZAR Epic V10 24 01:53:38 SS-FEMALE 1st SS-F
Ruth Highman AUS Epic V10 25 01:55:11 SS-FEMALE 2nd SS-F
Rene Appel HKG Epic V12 26 01:55:11 SS-MALE 24th SS-M
Katie Pocock NZL Epic V10 27 01:56:41 SS-FEMALE 3rd SS-F
Robert Wall HKG Epic V10 28 01:56:56 SS-MALE 25th SS-M
Jason Cunningham HKG Fenn Elite 29 01:57:07 SS-MALE 26th SS-M
Jon Dingley HKG Epic V10 30 01:57:46 SS-MALE 27th SS-M
Karel Tresnak Jr HWI OC Osprey 31 01:59:18 OC1-MALE 1st OC1-M
Glen Orchard AUS Fenn Elite 32 02:00:44 SS-MALE 28th SS-M
Richard Eddie AUS Epic V10 33 02:00:49 SS-MALE 29th SS-M
Michael Irvine AUS Fenn Mako 6 34 02:01:59 SS-MALE 30th SS-M
Rob Doherty AUS Epic V10 35 02:02:25 SS-MALE 31st SS-M
Stuart Spicer AUS Fenn Mako 6 36 02:05:00 SS-MALE 32nd SS-M
Evan Rhodes HWI OC Zephyr 37 02:05:30 OC1-MALE 2nd OC1-M
Daryl Remmler CAN Think Evo 38 02:05:41 SS-MALE 33rd SS-M
Craig Nortjie HKG Epic V10 39 02:05:46 SS-MALE 34th SS-M
Mike Wiseman AUS Epic V10 40 02:05:50 SS-MALE 35th SS-M
Matt Kelly CAN Think Evo 41 02:07:54 SS-MALE 36th SS-M
Leon Rossbotham HKG Think UNO 42 02:13:23 SS-MALE 37th SS-M
Andy Cummings HKG OC1-Hurricane 43 02:13:28 OC1-MALE 3rd OC1-M
Craig Sands AUS Epic V10 44 02:14:18 SS-MALE 38th SS-M
Jason Henchman HKG Fenn Mako 6 45 02:15:45 SS-MALE 39th SS-M
Lee Mussi HKG OC Fuze 46 02:15:53 OC1-MALE 4th OC1-M
Connell Weston HKG Epic V10 Sport 47 02:15:58 SS-MALE 40th SS-M
Gael Brain RE Fenn Elite 48 02:18:50 SS-MALE 41st SS-M
Byron Ho HWI OC Osprey 49 02:19:01 OC1-MALE 5th OC1-M
John McLennan/Ross Eathorne HKG OC2 Hurricane 50 02:19:05 OC2-OPEN 1st OC2-O
Stephen Taylor HKG OC HUKI 51 02:19:25 OC1-MALE 6th OC1-M
Nicholas Yap SGP Fenn Mako 6 52 02:20:27 SS-MALE 42nd SS-M
Mark Pollard HKG Pegasus 53 02:20:42 OC1-MALE 7th OC1-M
Nick Barnes HKG Hurricane 54 02:21:39 OC1-MALE 8th OC1-M
Kenny Kaneko JPN OC Zephyr 55 02:22:00 OC1-MALE 9th OC1-M
John Pache HKG Hurricane 56 02:22:56 OC1-MALE 10th OC1-M
Matt Bennett HKD Epic V10 Sport 57 02:23:51 SS-MALE 43rd SS-M
John Bennett HKG Epic V10 Sport 58 02:23:55 SS-MALE 44th SS-M
Gohda Mitsunobu JPY OC Fuze 59 02:24:41 OC1-MALE 11th OC1-M
Alasdair Grant HKG OC1 Hurricane 60 02:25:30 OC1-MALE 12th OC1-M
Matthew Browne HKG OC1 Pegasus 61 02:26:38 OC1-MALE 13th OC1-M
Matthew Flynn HKG Hurricane 62 02:27:10 OC1-MALE 14th OC1-M
Jake Hamstra HKG OC1 Hurricane 63 02:27:14 OC1-MALE 15th OC1-M
Rob Schipper HKG Epic V10 64 02:28:22 SS-MALE 45th SS-M
Alexander Epling JPN OC Zephyr 65 02:28:27 OC1-MALE 16th OC1-M
Anna Mathisen HKG Hurricane 66 02:28:48 OC1-FEMALE 1st OC1-F
John Violett HKG Epic V10 Sport Ultra 67 02:29:32 SS-MALE 46th SS-M
Marcello A Rosas Berardi HKG OC1 Hurricane 68 02:30:12 OC1-MALE 17th OC1-M
Kwok-Zu Lim HKG OC1-Hurricane 69 02:33:12 OC1-MALE 18th OC1-M
Lara Wozniak HKG Epic V10 Sport 70 02:34:34 SS-FEMALE 4th SS-F
Paul Dingley HKG Epic V10 71 02:35:22 SS-MALE 47th SS-M
Court Farrel HKG OC Fuze 72 02:35:49 OC1-MALE 19th OC1-M
Fung Wan Him HKG Think Fit 73 02:36:03 SS-MALE 48th SS-M
Owen Phillips JPY Fenn Elite 74 02:36:14 SS-MALE 49th SS-M
Boris Manzewski HKG Maui Canoe Hotrigger 75 02:38:18 OC1-MALE 20th OC1-M
Cameron Jenks HKG Epic V10 76 02:39:26 SS-MALE 50th SS-M
Vincent Mathieu Vaucelle/Gregory Fischer HKG OC2 HUKI 77 02:39:30 OC2-OPEN 2nd OC2-O
Mathilda Lucas/Glenda Thomas HKG OC2 HUKI 78 02:41:23 OC2-OPEN 3rd OC2-O
Jo Orgill HKG OC1 Hurricane 79 02:41:27 OC1-FEMALE 2nd OC1-F
Lydia Ronnenkamp HKG OC1 Pegasus 80 02:42:22 OC1-FEMALE 3rd OC1-F
Chris / Rose Yee HKD OC2 Stringray 81 02:43:30 OC2-OPEN 4th OC2-O
Chris Pennicott HKG Epic V10 Sport 82 02:44:20 SS-MALE 51st SS-M
Seiya Kawamata JPY OC Fuze 83 02:45:10 OC1-MALE 21st OC1-M
Wan Sing Yu HKG Think Legend 84 02:47:38 SS-MALE 52nd SS-M
Kimiko Iwata JPY OC Fuze 85 02:48:59 OC1-FEMALE 4th OC1-F
Shouichi Katou JPY Epic V10 86 02:52:32 SS-MALE 53rd SS-M
Nakao Kazushige JPY OC Osprey 87 02:54:41 OC1-MALE 22nd OC1-M
Naomi Kobara JPY Hurricane OC1 88 02:55:02 OC1-FEMALE 5th OC1-F
Mei Leisa Mocea Tuicolo HKG OC Fuze 89 02:57:41 OC1-FEMALE 6th OC1-F
Martha Levin SGP OC1-Hurricane 90 03:01:03 OC1-FEMALE 7th OC1-F
Guy Horne HKG Epic V10 Sport 91 03:03:52 SS-MALE 54th SS-M
Susan Burrell SGP Hurricane OC1 92 03:05:46 OC1-FEMALE 8th OC1-F
Masara Tamura JPY Fenn XT 93 03:11:46 SS-MALE 55th SS-M
Edith Terry HKG OC1 Hurricane 94 03:23:35 OC1-FEMALE 9th OC1-F
Machiko Kageyama SGP Pegasus OC1 95 03:35:58 OC1-FEMALE 10th OC1-F


Official Results "Chicken Run"

(8km short course)

NameCountrySki/OCOverall PlaceTimeDivisionCategory Place
Aaron Gray HKD Epic V10 Sport 1 53:35 SS-MALE 1st SS-M
Bruce Macfarlane HKG Epic V10 Sport 2 53:55 SS-MALE 2nd SS-M
Hamish McNicol HKG Epic v10 3 57:42 SS-MALE 3rd SS-M
Chu Wai Kin HKG Epic v10 4 57:51 SS-MALE 4th SS-M
Li Yin HKG Epic v10 5 58:44 SS-MALE 5th SS-M
Rupert Harlow HKG Fenn XT 6 59:11 SS-MALE 6th SS-M
Chan Man Chun HKG Epic v10 7 1:00:51 SS-MALE 7th SS-M
Maree Blakey HKG Epic V10 Sport 8 1:01:21 SS-FEMALE 1st SS-F
Charlotte Pache/Elizabeth Mifsud HKG OC2 HUKI 9 1:02:57 OC2-FEMALE 1st OC2-O
Lam Ho Tsun HKG Epic v10 10 1:04:05 SS-MALE 8th SS-M
Peter Walker HKG OC VA/A 11 1:04:07 OC1-MALE 1st OC1-M
Gary Pettigrew HKG Epic v10 12 1:05:30 SS-MALE 9th SS-M
Bruce Seymour HKG Epic v10 13 1:07:40 SS-MALE 10th SS-M
Matthew Ul HKG Epic V10 Sport 14 1:10:18 SS-MALE 11th SS-M
Monica Hannon HKG Epic V10 Sport 15 1:11:28 SS-FEMALE 2nd SS-F
Clarissa Becker HKG OC1 Pegasus 16 1:11:31 OC1-FEMALE 1st OC1-F
Dwayne Jaquenex JPY Fenn XT 17 1:18:14 SS-MALE 12th SS-M


Live Commentary Transcript



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