Man Dragon Run... the aftermath (** Video **)

Saturday, 22 November 2008 12:20 | Written by  Karl Treacher
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I just escaped what can only be called a ‘sausage fest’ – 20 paddlers all standing around at a crowded bar in Soho telling stories about the race and who should have, could have and would have won if only…. Strangely Oscar was one of those people. How odd… All credit to the big man though, a great effort.



The inside scoop of the race is as follows:
The course
...was interesting and challenging. The wind didn't get up as much as most of us would have liked, but there was loads of chop and non-directional runs. It was hot and it was a strong man's race as your ski would often almost stop half-way down a run due to cross chop. The race was very well organised. Race briefing, start, course and safety instructions were first class. A few people missed the last turning buoy, as it was difficult to see from the distance, however this was a minor issue and has been noted.
The winner
It is important that the truth be told here. Dawid won today and is a wonderful ambassador for the sport and arguably the best in the business. Dawid made a very good acceptance speech at the award ceremony and correctly stated that Jeremy Cotter had some tough luck today in the race.
What he was referring to was that fact that Jeremy was winning before suffering a legitimate and verified rudder issue. I understand that our craft is part of the sport, racing is racing, and I would do nothing to take away any accolades for Dawid nor light cheese - 2 genuine champions of our sport, but...yes a ‘but'...Jeremy was winning, feeling good and believes he would have won if not for the equipment issue.
Now, before the entire South African paddling fraternity writes defensive comments below, ask Dawid what he thinks and then make a comment. I suspect he will agree. Regardless, a win is a win, things happen in races and ‘what could have happened' belongs over a beer in a Hong Kong pub.
My point here is that the top end of the paddling world right now is super tight. There are no stand out favourites. No one person ‘dominated' today's race.

Man Dragon Run verdict
This race is a terrific event. Everything about it works and I can recommend it to anyone interested in traveling either to: take on the world's best, or like me, take a break and paddle downwind in a new, interesting location with a great bunch of people.



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