2008 Man Dragon Run – Race Report

Saturday, 22 November 2008 04:53 | Written by 
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The Surfski.info poll was emphatic - Dawid Mocke was the runaway favorite to win the Man Dragon Run in Hong Kong this morning.  But the picks for the next four places were much less certain...


First 7km Crucial

Before the race, Mocke said that the first 7km into the wind and chop would be key to winning the race.  He didn't divulge exactly how he was going to approach it, but it wasn't difficult to guess - and sure enough, from the start he went out like a rocket. 

But there was someone else in the mob who was touted as being the man to beat - Australian Jeremy ‘Jazza' Cotter.  And he was hungry for Fenn Hotspot...

The Mocke/Cotter combo soon dropped the other paddlers - but it was Jeremy Cotter who rounded the Fenn Hotspot buoy at Nine Pins Island first, with Dawid a boat length or two behind.



Mocke had spent the last few days paddling the course and had planned in advance to take a more seaward line, hoping to benefit from the currents.  In the event it paid off - as he and Cotter came together at Cape D'Aguilar, Mocke was clear ahead of his rival.

Clint Pretorius was hot on his heels though, having taken a similar line.


"The runs were very technical," said Mocke at the finish.  "This was my hardest race since the King of the Harbour in 2004."

As the paddlers rounded the Cape, Mocke caught a couple of small runs and drew about 50m in front of Pretorius.

Meanwhile disaster, in the form of a jammed rudder had struck Jeremy Cotter.  "My rudder jammed with about 30min to go," he said.  "It really sucks because I was leading at that point."


Five km Sprint to the finish

Oscar Chalupsky left himself just too much work to do.  "I left myself too much to catch up in the last bit," he said.  "It was hard, hard work."

He also admitted that he probably hadn't taken the best line.  "I'm pleased with the result," he said.  "You can't win them all!"


Michelle Eray

Michelle Eray said that runs weren't as good as she thought they were going to be.  She was feeling fatigued from the flight and started cramping during the race.  "I just tried to maintain an even pace," she said. 

Dubai Shamaal

Can Dawid Mocke do it again in ten days time in Dubai?  Several of the athletes (like Hank McGregor and Tim Jacobs) chose not to take part in the Man Dragon Run, but rather to continue with their training programs, focused on that US$130,000 pot.

Mocke stands to win a $5,000 bonus if he wins for a third time in Dubai.  No pressure!

Pics by Graham Uden (www.grahamuden.com)



Provisional Results - Man Dragon Run 2008

  1. Dawid Mocke (SA) 1:37
  2. Clint Pretorius (SA)
  3. Jeremy Cotter (Aus)
  4. Oscar Chalupsky (SA)
  5. Steve Woods (SA)
  6. Brett Tyack (Aus)
  7. Mark Anderson (Aus)
  8. Dean Beament (Aus)
  9. Dean Gardiner (Aus)
  10. Tom Schilperoort (SA)
  11. Karl Treacher (Aus)
  12. Oliver Burn (SA)
  13. Jackson English (Singapore)
  14. Rene Appel (HK)
  15. Jon Dingley (HK)
  16. Rob Wall (HK)


  1. Michelle Eray (SA)
  2. Michelle Eder (SA).


  1. Karel Tresnack Jr

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