The Man Dragon Run 2008 (Hong Kong) - UPDATE

Thursday, 23 October 2008 02:21 | Written by  Andy Orr
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The 2008 Man Dragon Run takes place on 22 November.  Here's a breakdown of the prize pool and all the information you need about registration and race day.

Man Dragon Run 2008

Registration and Briefing: 

Please note that race registration and the safety and course briefing will take place in the gymnasium at the Sea School in Stanley on Thursday 20 November. Registration will start at 6pm, with the briefing starting at 7pm.  The Sea School is located at the bottom of Hoi Fung Path in Stanley. A map showing the location of the Sea School is attached.  Anyone who is struggling to find it can call Andy on 852-90411036. The race entry fee will be HK$500 (approx US$65).  Please note that we will require each entrant to sign a liability waiver in favour of the race organisers.

Map to the Seaschool

Click here for a larger version of the map

Transportation - Skis/OCs: 

The race will finish at the Sea School in Stanley and many of the race-related activities will take place there. The trucks which will be used to transport the skis/OC's to the starting point (Clearwater Bay Beach) will leave from the Sea School at between 7:30am - 8:00am (there will be 4 trucks). All paddlers must ensure that their ski/OC gets to the Sea School by no later than the Friday night before race day. There will be racks erected in the main car park at the back of the Sea School for use during the week prior to the race and paddlers training from the Sea School or delivering their skis/OCs to the Sea School should use these racks. We require all paddlers to load their own skis/OCs onto the trucks at the Sea School on race day and then to unload their skis/OCs at the race start in Clearwater Bay. The loading at the Sea School will start at 7am.

Transportation - Paddlers: 

Buses will leave from the Sea School for the race start at Clearwater Bay Beach at 8am. A secure place will be available at the Sea School for paddlers to leave their race bags. 

Sponsor Branding: 

Paddlers will be provided with a branded race shirt/bib which must be worn during the race. Two stickers featuring the logo of our title sponsor will also be required to be affixed (along with separate race numbers) on the foredeck closest to the footwell on each competing paddler's ski/OC.          


Once you get to the finish, there will be a crew of volunteers to help you wash and rack your ski/OC. Changing rooms and showers will be available for paddlers. The post-race "party" and awards ceremony will take place at the Sea School immediately after the race. Food and drinks will be provided by one of our race sponsors, Jaspas, throughout the afternoon, and we will look to start the awards ceremony at around 2pm.

Prize Money: 

The total prize money on offer will be US$20,000. There will also be a US$1,000 Fenn Hot-Spot prize up for grabs. Prize money will be broken down as follows (US$):

Men - Overall

  1. 5,000
  2. 3,000
  3. 1,500
  4. 800
  5. 700
  6. 600
  7. 500
  8. 400
  9. 300
  10. 200

Woman - Overall

  1. 3,000
  2. 1,000
  3. 500


  1. 1,500
  2. 750
  3. 250


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