Dragon Run 2007 Update

Thursday, 22 November 2007 15:39 | Written by 
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Paddlers from all over the world (well, Tahiti, Australia and South Africa at least) are arriving in Hong Kong in preparation for the inaugural Dragon Run.

View from start of Dragon Run Surf Ski race
Dragon Run Start (Fenn Hotspot to the right of Steep Island) (Pic: Oscar Chalupsky)

Hong Kong 1: Dawid Mocke 0

Dawid's Tuesday night flight was unpleasant.  "Emirates were terrible," he wrote. "We arrived late, no explanation; at least thirty guys' bags were missing (including Bevan Manson's), no explanation - or assistance."

(Bevan's bags are STILL missing.)

Dawid Mocke
Dawid on the only street in Shek-O trying to remember how the camera timer works (Pic: Dawid)

Lost Among the Islands

Next morning, Dawid went for a paddle: "...paddled from Shek-O beach out onto the course looking for Bevan, Oscar, Rene Appel, JD and others but missed them..." he said.  "What was I thinking anyway, it's a massive ocean and the chances of bumping into them were minimal anyway.  So I carried on the downwind leg of the race and got completely lost!!!

"There are so many islands out here that you seriously need to know where you are going.  I was LOST!  So picture the scene, me in a surfski in the second busiest shipping channel in the world whistling and shouting to local fisherman asking for directions as they buzzed by in the little boats... Finally I saw a dude on an OC1 and he directed me to Stanley where the guys were paddling to.  Still didn't find them so spent the rest of the afternoon cruising the Stanley market and the streets of Shek-O."

That evening he had dinner with the race organizers (US$100 per head, "Ouch!" he commented). 

"Great bunch of guys, visionary about the race."


Tracey, Dawid, Billy VRC
Victoria Recreation Club. Dawid with race director Billy Harker and his wife Tracy (Pic: Dawid)

Great Course

"Today we paddled the last half of the course," he went on, "and I must tell you that this is an absolutely brilliant course!!!  It has everything."  (Oscar Chalupsky has also been enthusing about the course, saying that there are runs everywhere even on the supposedly upwind legs.)

Dragon Run course map

Forecast Looking Good

Rene Appel, Hong Kong local and part of the organizing team said that the forecast is looking good for the race.

"We paddled the whole course over 2 days," he said, "both days good conditions, with bigger swell and more wind today----everyone is raving about the course, let's hope the conditions hold up and the forecasters are right."

The current forecast is for 20kt NE winds with a 9ft swell - perfect.

Our Picks

Our picks?  You must be crazy...

However...  I'll bet that the top five will be (in no particular order):

  • Oscar Chalupsky
  • Dawid Mocke
  • Dean Gardiner
  • Ken Wallace (unconfirmed)
  • Lewis Laughlin

Bevan Manson should be in there somewhere too!

Dragon Run Team Photo
L to R: Jon Dingley (race organiser), Lewis Laughlin (Tahiti), Ken Collins (SA), Oscar Chalulpsky, Bevan Manson (SA), Dawid Mocke (SA)

We'll have another update tomorrow with the confirmed list of entrants... 

For more info, see the event website: http://www.thedragonrun.com.hk/


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