Surfski Race in Tuscany: All Wave Cup 19/22 May

Wednesday, 17 March 2010 07:12 | Written by  Mario Graziani
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This race is organised by All Wave, an outfit which has been working with composites since 1987. In the past they have built racing catamarans and research submarines! Since 1999 they  have concentrated on outriggers and set up this race originally to promote their craft

All Wave Cup


Phenomenal Growth

In 2008 there were a total of 50 outriggers with about 10 surfskis at the Giglio Island All Wave race; in 2009 there were 212  competitors: 160 outriggers and 20 competitors on single surfskis.

They are pushing for larger numbers this year and are very eager to get more surfskis at the race.

This is probably due to the fact that they are eyeing out the surfski market.

All Wave Cup

Italian surfski?

Last year they built their first surfski and by their own admission it was a lemon.

They have been shaping and experimenting with hull shapes in the last year and it’s being interesting to see how this has reflected in the shape of their latest outrigger (the hull certainly is looking very surfski like) They reckon they have learnt their lessons the hard way and say their next surfski will be a rocket…..Italian design etc etc.We’ll wait and see.

Anyway, back to the race…

It will take place on the 20th of May at the Island of Giglio and it basically consists of a 21km circumnavigation of the island.

All Wave Cup

Race Course - All Wave Cup

There is normally some wind in the afternoon in May so one can expect a bit of downwind on a section of the race…and some grinding into the wind at some stage. They normally decide on which way to go round after looking at the wind conditions.

The outriggers are normally there in force…and  the surfskis numbers are slowly growing with surfski bookings already in from Switzerland (YES!!! There are folks in Switzerland that have bought skis), Germany and the UK.


There will be a few ex Olympian K1 paddlers flexing their muscles and probably everybody with a surfski in Italy will be there and a few without surfskis trying to scrounge a ski for the race.

They tell me that they are trying to get 50 skis in the water for the event

All Wave Cup

Test Centre

This year there will be a test centre possibility at the island with Fenns , Epics, Red7 pros, Custom Kayak Sinergy, Honchos, Stellars and maybe even a Nelo…and maybe a model from All Wave …or so they are threatening.

The island is a typical Tuscan holiday island…the water is warm, the cappuccinos are excellent and the Chianti is pretty good.

I have done the race and it was great fun – strongly recommended.

And if you get there you can have a try on an outing on a six man outrigger can be a blast! I have this idea to surf Muizenberg (in Cape Town, South Africa) on a 3ft day with a four man outrigger.

I know this video has nothing to do with surfski but it’s worth a peep.


Race Website

Check out the race website on

Two days in Florence, a day in Lucca and a weekend at the race….not a bad way to spend a week!

Test Centre in Italy

Other news from Italy is that we’re trying to put up the first surfski school and test centre…we have already lined up a Custom Kayak Synergy, Fenn Elite, XT single and doubles, Epic V10, Red7 pro, Honcho Rookie and Gurus and some Stellars for the test centre.

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