Chicago Shoreline Marathon - Full Results

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Rough weather forced the organizers to revert to plan B - a 29km/16mi out and back course gave the paddlers a 14km downwind run followed by a 14km grind into the wind.


"...shocked at how good the runs were..."

Barry Lewin

"It was a really good course, a fun run," said South African Barry Lewin.  "Considering it's a lake, I was shocked at how good the runs were!"

The wind was blowing a consistent 15kt from the north - an unseasonal direction for the time of year.


"We all went on different lines.  Dawid was further out into the lake.  I held him until close to the end where there was a lot of rebound from the piers and he broke away.  Sean was about 100m behind me at that point."

The two men never saw Mocke again, but fought each other the whole way back to the finish.

"Sean and I had a great dice," said Lewin.  "I tried to drop him at the beach checkpoints but he stuck like glue and out-sprinted me at the end.

"This race is definitely one of the star events," he added.  "Great venue, great people, good prize money.  I'll definitely be back."

Lewin's own race report, as well as photos and video can be found on his blog,

Dawid Mocke

South African Dawid Mocke paddled a clinical race. 

"Although I knew it was a risk, I decided to try to open up a lead going downwind," he said.  "It was always going to be hard to catch up going upwind.

"I was 700m ahead at the turn," he went on. "I know that because the entrance to the marina is 700m from the exit and I was leaving just as the other guys came in.  So I had about 2min lead at that point."

After that it was a matter of keeping speed up (Mocke said he aimed to keep his average above 12.5kph/7.8mph) by working the wind shadows in the lee of the piers along the shore.  His final average was 13.8kph/8.6mph.  "That's what you have to aim at in an international race," Mocke said.  "For example in Spain Matthew [Bouman] did 13.6kph."

Mocke won by just under three minutes.

"Great Course"

"The whole spirit of the course is to travel along the Chicago shoreline," Mocke commented.  "But Tim [Flentye, the race organizer] is very aware of the whole downwind element.

"If the race had been run a few days ago, it would have been a brilliant downwind run.  But the course we did was an excellent compromise in the rare event of the wind blowing the wrong way."

Mocke took $3,000 for 1st prize; Sean Rice won $1,500; Barry Lewin $1,000.

At the time of posting the three South Africans were about to paddle a downwind run... "The wind is pumping," said Mocke, "so we're taking Tim in a double for a classic run!"


Several paddlers switched to the shorter courses on the day, but 28 craft still started the marathon event.

Dawid Mocke 02:06:11 Fenn Mako Elite Fish Hoek, S. AFRICA
Sean Rice 02:09:07 Think Uno Cape Town, S. AFRICA
Barry Lewin 02:09:29 Fenn Mako Elite SOUTH AFRICA
Adam McKane 02:20:42 Fenn Mako Elite Noosa Heads, AUSTRALIA
Hemmens, Patrick 02:22:21 Fenn Mako Elite Costa Mesa, CA
Erik Borgnes 02:22:22 Think Uno Sturgeon Bay, WI
Carter Johnson 02:29:39 Huki S1X Special Sausalito, CA
Robert Hartman 02:31:10 Epic V10 Sport Holland, MI
Mike Herbert 02:41:31 Two Good Mako Rogers, AR
DeAnne Hemmens 02:42:47 Fenn Mako Elite Costa Mesa, CA
Andy Howell 02:47:25 Fenn Mako Elite Engelwood, CO
Mark Anich 02:48:37 Fenn Mako 6 Racine, WI
Kevin LeRoy 02:48:50 Fenn Mako 6 Fitchburg, WI
Steve Corlew 03:04:20 Epic V12 Brighton, MI
Greg Greene 03:08:18 Huki S1X Special Oshkosh, WI
Joe Zellner 03:09:50 Current Designs Extreme Grand Marais, MN
Michael Tracy 03:21:35 Fenn Mako 6 Beverly, MA
John Tebbens 03:30:10 Daggen Meridian SK Chicago, IL
Pierre Kornak 03:40:19 Epic 18X Island Lake, IL
Kiril Florev 03:42:07 Epic V10 Chicago, IL
Team Child's Voice 03:45:23 Crozier OC6 Clarendon Hills, IL
Bob Wise 04:22:29 QCC 400 Sheridan, IN
Cristine Kao 04:41:05 Huki V1-Z Chicago, IL
Jeremy Van Ek DNF Necky Looksha II Glen Ellyn, IL
Steve Lukasik DNF Nigel Dennis Greenlander Rockford, IL
Ann Zellner DNF Current Designs Extreme Grand Marais, MN
Mark Wilson DNF Valley Nordkapp LV Rockford, IL
Yuriy Ardashnikov DNF Epic V10L Skokie, IL

Photos to follow soon...

The race website is at

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