US Surfski Champs - Race day...

Saturday, 22 August 2009 11:10 | Written by 
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The forecast looks good, the paddlers are fuelling up...  And we'll open live commentary on in about 5 hours time at 12h00 Pacific Time.




Half an hour before the start, the flood tide currents are forecast to be just over 4kt in the center of the bay.  So the paddlers are going to have to hug the coast on the way out to Pt. Bonnita, trying to find the eddie currents that would assist them.



Short Course

The short course race will run at 10h00 this morning; the main event starts at 1pm.


Weather Conditions

The weather is COLD - the mist is hanging over the bridge; there's a good 15-20kt wind blowing into the bay.  The short course is about to start.

The organisation is superb - hot coffee and breakfast (US style - bagels, muffins & lots of fruit!) laid on.

Live Commentary

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