Swedish Surfski Announced – Nordic Kayaks Fusion

Sunday, 05 April 2009 12:38 | Written by 
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Nordic Kayaks, based in Vaxholm, Sweden has announced the imminent arrival of a new surfski, the "Fusion" - designed by Björn Thomasson and to be built by Marström Composite.


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Prepreg Carbon/Autoclave Construction

Marström Composite specialize in construction using prepreg carbon and autoclave technology.  They're well known for multihull craft and carbon spars.


Marström say that prepreg carbon is far superior to wet laminated layups: The Fusion is expected to weigh 8-9kg."The benefits for the customers are a very solid and strong hull that is stiff and can withstand high point loads - key features for a kayak." They also state that the material does not deteriorate with time - "and it delivers the same kind of quality after 10 years or more."



Apart from the material, the ski will feature:

  • One-piece construction.  (The initial run of South African Red7 Surf70 Pros were built in one-piece, but proved difficult to manufacture.  The current models are built conventionally.)
  • A "hard-top" option - an enclosed cockpit for what the press release calls the Nordic "off season" i.e. when it's freezing cold in winter!


  • Closable self bailer (presumably similar to the dingy bailer fitted to the new Epic V12).
  • A kick-up rudder as an option (adventure racers often use skis in rivers in Scandinavia).
  • An innovative new rudder pedal system.
  • Length 620cm; width43 cm

Click here for the official press release (pdf format)


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Price and availability

Nordic Kayaks (http://www.nordickayaks.se/) expect the ski to be available in or before August 2009 and can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to book a test session. The ski will cost in the region of 30,000 SEK (Euro 2,900).

Surfski.info Review?

Fredrik Lindström of Nordic Kayaks said that it was unlikely that they'd be in a position to offer surfski.info a test session in Mauritius... but we replied that we'd be equally happy to come to Vaxholm. Stay tuned! Wink

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