Wood Ski – Stephen Kelly's been at it again…

Wednesday, 25 March 2009 11:08 | Written by 
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A year ago Steven Kelly sent us some pics of a ski that he built himself out of wood.  Well, he's been at it again. Check out the pics of his latest work of art...


"This time it's more of an ocean ski," he said.  (Last year's model was based on surf lifesaving spec skis.)

Knowing that there will be interest, I asked him if plans were available.  "As per the last ski I made," he replied, "I drew the plans up in cad and as I built the craft got the dimensions I needed. I do not have formal plans so to speak. To get them to a standard someone else can follow would take a bit - I am no marine architect."

All pics by Stephen Kelly


 The ski has the following vital statistics:

  • Length: 6.1m
  • Width: 440mm
  • Weight: a touch over 17kg
  • Rudder: 12mm ply with fiberglass coating.
  • All hardware is stainless steel. Rudder cable is 1.6mm stainless.
  • Materials 3mm marine ply on a timber frame. The only glass is on the chines - taped to reinforce joins and for protection. The more glass the heavier the boat so I kept it to a minimum. No nails or screws at all used. All joins are epoxied

The build time was 4-5 months, fitting in between family and work commitments.

Steve added: "If anyone else is making timber skis I would love to see the results."

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