Jasper Mocke beats brother Dawid - again

Monday, 07 November 2011 08:08 | Written by  Gameplan Media
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Interested Spectator watches the race head offshore Interested Spectator watches the race head offshore Credits: John Hishin/Gameplan Media

Hout Bay - Jasper Mocke seized the upper hand in the Discovery Sunglass Gut surfski series by winning his second race when he took full advantage of the last-minute course change to win the Discovery Downwind that was held in the protection of the bay on Sunday.

Three way tussle

The race quickly turned into a three boat affair, with Dawid Mocke setting the pace through the early stages of the unfamiliar course, with his younger brother Jasper Mocke and Tom Schilperoort on his rudder.

Discovery Sunglass Hut Series race 4

The race heads out towards the open ocean from the beach at Hout Bay

Jasper Mocke took the lead in the closing stages as the lead trio edged around the final turn at the Sentinel Rock, and scampered to the finish ahead of his brother, and in the process became the first elite paddler to rack up two wins in the summer series.

“It was a tough race with some unexpected help along the way, " said Jasper Mocke. "The top guys got some help riding the wake of the NSRI boat out to the Vulcan Rock turn, after that it was just a bumpy slog."

The paddlers had plenty to enthuse about on the race, despite the tough conditions. "We were ecstatic to have a pod of dolphins ride with us on the Chapman’s Peak Ore Jetty Leg," said Jasper Mocke.

Jasper Mocke

Jasper Mocke heads in to the finish ahead of brother Dawid

"It was only after rounding the beach turn mark that I was able to catch Dawid who had led till that point and when all three leaders were a little unsure of which rock to turn at the Sentinel before heading for the finish. That is where I was able to get ahead and hold the lead to the finish," Mocke said.

Women's Race

Bianca Beavitt

Bianca Beavitt was the only woman paddler to take on the forecast massive conditions

The Ladies race was won by Bianca Beavitt, the only female paddler to finish the challenge. Beavitt was the only woman to complete the four day PE to East London Race in 2010 said afterward it was sad to see so few woman paddlers at the event today.

The Doubles Race was won by Fish Hoek Paddlers Brandon Kilbride and Gary Carstens with Stellenbosch and Strand Legend Daantjie Malan and Stellenbosch’s K1 River Canoeist Pierre-Andre Rabie.

Race Organiser's Challenge

The volatile weather gave race organiser Billy Harker as real headache as he had to change the race course twice, as the heavy surf and strong winds forced him to set an out and back loop from the beach to Vulcan Rock 5km out to sea, around a mark below Chapmans Peak, past the old ore jetty, past the start area and a leg to sentinel rock and back to the finish.

The impending heavy weather scared off much of the field and in the end only 62 paddlers entered, 59 of whom finished the race. Harker had to scrap the short course race and also barred all novice E graders from taking to the water.

The Series moves to East London for race five, The Automall Pete Marlin on Sunday 12 November. This classic event was the 2010 National Championship Surfski Championships and as always promises paddlers an epic race. More details can be found atwww.surfski.co.za

Discovery Sunglass Hut


1. Jasper Mocke (Peninsula) 1:05:38
2. Dawid Mocke (EVP) 1:05:57
3. Tom Schilperoort ( Peninsula) 1:07:28
4. Steve Farrell ( Peninsula) 1:11:05
5. Ian Black (Peninsula) 1:12:25
6. Paul Marais ( Peninsula) 1:14:30
7. Adam Botma ( Border) 1:15:18
8. Alasdair Glass ( Peninsula) 1:15:29
9. Peter Jones (EVP) 1:17:40
10. Andrew Ross (Paarl) 1:19:13 

1. Bianca Beavitt ( Milnerton) 1:30:04

1. Brandon Kilbride/Gary Carstens (Peninsula)1:09:33
2. Daantjie Malan/Pierre-Andre Rabie (S/bosch)1:10:58
3. Shaun Butler/ Mike Swann (Pen/Mil) 1:12:17

1. Alex Topliss ( SACS) 1:27:04

Alex Topliss

Alex Topliss

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