US Surfski Champs Doubles Race - Rambo's Video

Wednesday, 31 August 2011 14:31 | Written by 
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Mocke and Rice, Golden Gate in the background Mocke and Rice, Golden Gate in the background Credits: Rambo

The day after the main event of the US Surfski Champs, the doubles race was almost as fiercely contested...  Rambo was still there to capture the action and here's the result...  Great stuff - as usual.


  1. Dawid Mocke/Sean Rice 1:07:01 Men 1st
  2. Dave Jensen/Barry Lewin 1:07:06 Men 2nd
  3. Don Kiesling/Robert Barry 1:08:12 Men 3rd
  4. Pablo Fernandez/Daniel Sanchez 1:08:34 Men
  5. Greg Barton/Philippe Boccara 1:09:22 Men 1st USA team
  6. Robin Graham/Carter Johnson 1:10:07 Men
  7. Tommy Yonley/Paul Rosenquist 1:10:20 Men
  8. Patrick Hemmens/DeAnne Hemmens 1:11:18 Coed 1st Coed
  9. Brent Reitz/Chris Stout 1:11:52 Men
  10. Carl Greenhalgh/Deon Lourens 1:13:36 Men
  11. Bob Putnam/Daryl Remmler 1:14:01 Men
  12. Austin Kieffer/Michael Gregory 1:14:50 Men
  13. Morris Arthur/Debbie Arthur 1:15:09 Coed 2nd Coed
  14. Kristen Jacobson/David Jacobson 1:16:55 Coed 3rd Coed

Rambo's Video

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