Mocke wins 46km Scottburgh to Brighton (South Africa) ** great pics **

Saturday, 16 July 2011 18:49 | Written by  Gameplan Media
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The paddlers set out through the surf at Scottburgh at dawn The paddlers set out through the surf at Scottburgh at dawn Credits: Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

Durban: The 54th running of the Discovery Scottburgh to Brighton surfski race was completely dominated by the “Cape storm” of former world champ Dawid Mocke and younger brother Jasper, Sean Rice (Cape Town) and Richard von Wildemann (Port Elizabeth) who completely obliterated the local contingent in challenging downwind conditions to claim places one to four overall.

Dawid Mocke took full advantage of Rice’s consistent misfortune to power past his fellow Fishhoek club mate and on to yet another victory in his eighth attempt at the 46.5km race.

“I’m overjoyed with today’s result!” beamed Mocke.  “Really stoked to have pulled this one out the bag...

“This is one of South Africa’s premier ocean paddling races and is definitely a blue ribbon event on the surfski calendar so it was certainly one I wanted to do well in,” he added.

Scottburgh Surf

Having negotiated the tricky surf at Scottburgh superbly Rice set off at a blistering pace early on and soon opened up a handy lead over the rest of the field.

However, a broken foot piece very early on in the race heavily impacted his ability to steer his ski and this, together with a lost water bottle and popped paddle clip at the compulsory check in at Amanzimtoti, gave the vastly experienced Mocke the opportunity to put in some hard strokes and bridge the gap in the latter stages of the race.

Scottburgh to Brighton 2011

Scottburgh at dawn

Scottburgh to Brighton 2011


Scottburgh to Brighton 2011

Cutting Monster

“After 23km I realized Sean (Rice) was a bit too far ahead of me and I was quite worried that maybe I’d let him go for too long and that I wasn’t going to catch him but the infamous Cutting monster got hold of him a bit and I managed to claw my way back,” said Mocke.  [Editor: the infamous Cutting Monster lives about 10km from the finish of the 46km race near a distinctive landmark - the cutting -and is reputed to swim out to tie a bucket to the rudders of exhausted paddlers' skis - at least that's what it feels like...]

Dawid Mocke

Dawid Mocke - beaming...

Sean Rice

Sean Rice - not beaming.  Challenged by gear failure.

Jasper Mocke

Jasper Mocke had a long swim at the half-way check point in Amanzimtoti and came in second

For Rice it certainly won’t be a race he remembers fondly. “So much went wrong for me right from the outset. I was just an absolute mess today!” said a disappointed and frustrated Rice.

“After my foot piece came out at the start I somehow still managed to settle into a really good rhythm and I went at a pace that I was feeling really comfortable with. When no one came with me I decided I’d set off on my own and just keep going.

“Unfortunately the effects of fighting with my steering all day meant that when I got to the Cutting I didn’t have too much left though and that’s when Dawid (Mocke) caught me.  He worked hard in the last few kilometres and I just couldn’t come back at him,” he added.

Jasper Mocke - swimmer

Younger brother Jasper Mocke had been in the mix throughout the first half of the race however a long swim back to the shore after falling out in the surf at Toti meant he lost valuable time and so had to settle the bottom step of the podium ahead of von Wildemann and Grant van der Walt from Durban North.

Scottburgh to Brighton 2011

Is it a bird? is it a plane?  Look ma, no paddlers!


In the doubles race the Dias duo, brothers Paul and Sean, combined brilliantly and had a string race despite having flown under the radar recently however even their best efforts weren’t enough to hold off the in-form Brett Hadiaris and Ross Fountain who claimed yet another victory this winter.

“It was quite tough out there today, especially towards the end. We got going well early on but it got quite mushy in the last few kilometres so it was a bit tricky in a double,” said older brother Paul.

“It’s a long slog. We’re definitely going to sleep well tonight!” he chuckled.


Junior hotshots Gene Prato and Lyall Whitehead continued the great form they showed throughout the Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series as they brought their double ski through the testing surf at Brighton beach with relative ease and earned an impressive first finish in the race.

Oldest Long Distance Surfski Race

Having begun in 1958 the event proudly holds the title of the oldest long distance surfski race in the world and this year participants welcomed the presence of true downwind conditions which have eluded paddlers on KZN’s coast for some time now as well as regular sightings of marine life such fish, dolphins and even whales.

Gallery Anthony Grote (


More information can be found at


Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series


PosPaddler 1TimeScoreAge
1 DAWID MOCKE 03:16:53:00 100% Senior
2 SEAN RICE 03:19:22:00 98.74% Senior
3 JASPER MOCKE 03:20:48:00 98.01% Senior
4 RICHARD VON WILDERMANN 03:29:30:00 93.59% Senior
5 GRANT VAN DER WALT 03:36:57:00 89.81% Senior
6 SHADRACK MKHIZE 03:38:54:00 88.82% Vet
7 ADAM NISBET 03:39:25:00 88.55% Senior
8 MARK MULDER 03:41:12:00 87.65% Senior
9 QUINTON RUTHERFORD 03:45:38:00 85.40% Vet
10 MARK LEWIN 03:48:11:00 84.10% Master
11 STEVE COHEN 03:50:43:00 82.82% Vet
12 BRYAN TAYLOR 03:52:01:00 82.16% Senior
13 MIKE STEVENS 03:59:27:00 78.38% Vet
14 GAVIN TARR 04:04:58:00 75.58% Vet
15 MIKE FORD 04:14:48:00 70.58% Senior
16 TRENTON LAMBLE 04:15:54:00 70.02% Senior
17 MARK GARDEN 04:21:46:00 67.04% Senior
18 MIKE HALLIDAY 04:32:40:00 61.51% Master
19 JOE BOY 04:39:11:00 58.20% Master
20 DEVON THOMSON 04:43:27:00 56.03% Senior
21 BRUCE JACKSON 04:49:57:00 52.73% Master
22 MIKE AIKINS 05:03:50:00 45.68% Senior
23 ANDRIES DU PLESSIS 05:07:04:00 44.04% Vet
24 THANDO THUSI 05:07:31:00 43.81% Senior
25 JAMES THOMPSON 05:15:31:00 39.74% Vet
26 THEA VAN DER WESTHUIZEN 05:15:46:00 39.62% Woman
27 GAVIN SMITH 05:29:59:00 32.40% Master
28 XOLANI MKHIZE 05:34:06:00 30.31% Senior


PosPaddler 1Paddler 2TimeScoreAge
1 BRETT HADIARIS ROSS FOUNTAIN 03:36:51:00 100% Senior
2 SHAUN DIAS PAUL DIAS 03:38:09:00 99.40% Senior
3 NICHOLAS BURDEN MARC SNYMAN 03:39:14:00 98.90% Senior
4 MARK USSHER DAVID CHAPLIN 03:39:32:00 98.76% Senior
6 MARK ESSERY DIRK VAN DEN BERG 03:43:14:00 97.06% Senior
8 TERRY MC DOUGALL JABIN LYONS 03:59:14:00 89.68% Senior
9 CARLO NATALI KEITH FLEMMER 03:59:44:00 89.45% Senior
10 JONATHAN MAEHLER DARREN SWALES 04:01:54:00 88.45% Vet
11 CRAIG WEBSTER NICK DOMLEO 04:02:19:00 88.26% Senior
12 SIMON GROUT MIKE COLEMAN 04:04:33:00 87.23% Senior
13 GARY CLARKE ROSS POACHER 04:05:48:00 86.65% Vet
14 GARY O\'CONNOR MARCEL GERHARD 04:06:19:00 86.41% Vet
15 LYALL WHITEHEAD GENE PRATO 04:08:21:00 85.47% Junior
16 DAVID GILLMER PETER OCONNOR 04:08:58:00 85.19% Master
17 ANDREW MARCH WAYNE LAWRIE 04:13:54:00 82.91% Vet
18 EDWARD SMITH DENZIL SMITH 04:15:26:00 82.21% Senior
19 GARY BEHN BRETT FROST 04:16:30:00 81.72% Senior
20 PETER ROWAN ANTHONY ROWAN 04:16:31:00 81.71% Senior
21 STEPHEN BAVERSTOCK KEEGAN SCOTT 04:17:27:00 81.28% Senior
22 REX MCGREGOR MALCOLM PITT 04:18:46:00 80.67% Senior
23 GARY RALPH GRAHAM HOLM 04:23:30:00 78.49% Master
24 MICHAEL ELION GARETH DIAS 04:25:30:00 77.57% Senior
25 WAYNE SYMINGTON MARK EVERED-HALL 04:27:54:00 76.46% Vet
26 CRAIG COOK PETER ALLEN 04:28:02:00 76.40% Senior
27 RALPH WHITING STANLEY WHITING 04:29:43:00 75.62% Vet
28 DILLON JOUBERT HANNES DE KOCK 04:49:18:00 66.59% Senior
29 NICO SMIT REBECCA MEHEW 05:33:45:00 46.09% Senior
30 BRUCE GLENDAY CRAIG MCINTOSH 05:44:07:00 41.31% Vet

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