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Carnage in the surf at the finish Carnage in the surf at the finish Credits: Calvin Berry

Not quite what we came for: no wind, and massive surf at the finish!  Hank McGregor was too strong for the rest of the field; Matt Bouman came second; Dawid Mocke third.  Michele Eray won the women’s race; Nikki Mocke came second.

Forecast still wrong

All the forecast sites AND the meteorologists at Durban Airport said that we’d have 10-15kt SW…  they were all wrong.

As we headed out from the beach (in beautiful conditions for almost anything but paddling), the sea was flat as a pancake…  I was hoping against hope that once we were out of the lee of the harbor we’d have at something in the way of bumps…


Two km later it was clear that all we’d get was the kind of fast moving smooth swell that you can catch – if you’re a Hank or a Dawid….  For an out of shape Capie, there was little help.  After a heated debate with my alter ego I decided to carry on…  but I’d already dropped off the B-grade bunch and paddled on my own for virtually the entire race.


There were highlights; some of the elite paddlers rocketed past me about 5km from the start – just beautiful; Hank McGregor was leading with Dawid Mocke some 30m back.  Sean Rice was next with Matt Bouman on his wash.  Another 50m back Tom Schilperoort was on his own.  All of them were carving out giant, slow strokes, catching and riding bumps effortlessly – or so it seemed.

Hank McGregor

Hank McGregor comes in at La Mercy

Matt Bouman

Matt Bouman - second

And that was it – for the next 20km I grunted along – gel at 16km; another at 22km to sharpen my energy and wits for the finish.

Earlier in the morning we’d heard that the surf was pounding the sandbar at La Mercy; and as I paddled I was aware of the huge swells rolling underneath the ski.  Happily there seemed to be long gaps between the big ones and I felt reasonably confident that the finish, although scary, would be doable.

And so it was.  As I approached the flags diagonally from the sea, I followed a double that looked as though the crew knew what they were doing.


But the backs of the breaking waves were massive – no doubt there would be carnage on the beach.

We came closer, the sea seemed to flatten out behind a huge set and half a dozen doubles in front of me accelerated towards the shore. Riding a small wave, I shot through the break zone…   a double was just ahead of me and, distracted, I shot over the falls, over the double.  I was off, smacked face down, staggering upright, smacked face down again….   Crawling up the beach like a drowned, sandblasted rat, I looked around to see my paddle behind the shore break.  “Here’s your ski, we’ll get your paddle…”  There were plenty of helpers on the beach and as I reeled towards the flags, someone ran up with the paddle.


Everything went well until this point

Rob Mousley

At this point I thought I was going to kill the doubles crew in front

Rob Mousley

Going, going...

Rob Mousley


Finished, in one piece.  No worries.

Carnage on the beach.  “I counted 15 broken skis,” said one bystander.

Surf action

How to do it properly - coming on the back of the wave

Easy does it

Easy does it!


How not to do it...

Full results and more pics later…

Summary Results

  1. Hank McGregor 1:44.56
  2. Matt Bouman 1:45.31
  3. Dawid Mocké 1:45.59
  4. Sean Rice 1:47.26
  5. Tom Schilperoort 1:49.01
  6. Barry Lewin 1:49.52
  7. Jasper Mocké 1:50.22
  8. Bruce Taylor (Aus) 1:50.27
  9. Grant van der Walt 1:50.46
  10. Clint Pretorius 1:52.27
  11. Mark Anderson (Aus) 1:55.12
  12. Richard von Wildermann 1:55.36
  13. Brandon van der Walt 1:55.58
  14. Adam Nisbett 1:56.51
  15. David Slachta (Fra) 1:57.12
  16. Yannick Laousse (Fra) 1:57.26
  17. Murray Smith 1:58.05
  18. Dean Gardener (Aus) 1:58.44
  19. Dominic Notten 1:59.19
  20. Hennie Roos 1:59.54


  1. Michèle Eray 2:02.00
  2. Nikki Mocké 2:07.38
  3. Ruth Highman (Aus) 2:14.02
  4. Donna Winter 2:19.19
  5. Kirsty Wessels 2:22.55


  1. Dominic Notten 1:59.19
  2. Craig Flanagan 2:03.58
  3. Kyle Friedenstein 2:05.23
  4. Kenny Rice (U16) 2:07.33
  5. Calvin McKie 2:14.57


  1. Daryl Bartho/warren Jacobs 1:49.14
  2. Quinton Rutherford/Grant Woollastone 1:50.11
  3. Ryan Butcher/Jean-Luc Mauvis 1:50.56
  4. Brett Hadiaris/Ross Fountain 1:54.34
  5. Brett Bartho/Danica Vorster 1:55.25



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