British Surf Ski Championships

Tuesday, 19 October 2010 07:53 | Written by  Chloe Bunnett
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Ivan Lawler - UK Champion Ivan Lawler - UK Champion

Well the 2010 UK Surfski Racing season has been great. The amount of interest from paddlers and spectators has increased and the sport is growing so fast here it is amazing.

We had some races with over 80 paddlers - a huge increase over last year. Not to forget the ICON Downwind Classic, which was a great event that challenged the paddlers. There are a lot of new faces that have come into the sport this year and next year there will be more. It has been really exciting to see the sport grow and we are all looking forward to next year!!

British Surfski Champs

On Saturday the 25th of September Surfski GB held the 2010 British Surfski Champs in Bournemouth, sponsored by Ultimate Kayaks. Over the season we have a British Series with points counting towards a Series winner, but the for the British Title it's just down to this one race, so everyone has come out for it!

Typically the wind was offshore for the race but at least it was warm and sunny.....and to my surprise a nice shore dump!! Bournemouth Beach is sheltered by cliffs so with an offshore wind there is no way to get the downwind we wanted. What we decided was to do a lapped course that would make us pass the start a few times so that we could give the spectators a bit of a show. So at least the conditions were perfect for the spectators, with about 60 paddlers lining up on the beach and running to pick up their skis to make a dash for the water to get a good start, the spectators must have enjoyed it. It really draws attention to anyone walking on the beach when a "herd" of surfski paddlers run towards the sea.

UK Surfski Champs

Lining up for the start

Spectacular Start

And as usual the start is always great to watch as it’s an art to run and jump on a surfski!!! The course would be as follows: Open men/ladies and Master Men did 3 laps while the Master ladies, U19 boys/girls did 2 laps and the U16 boys/girls did 1 lap. Unfortunately the guys who put the course out, with a GPS, should take the GPS back to the shop as it was not as long as we all had hoped for. But that aside we all knew it was just going to be a slog as there was no wind/runs to help us. 


(Video from Chloe Bunnett.)


In the Senior race Ivan Lawler was on top form and took the Men's title, with Mark Ressel 2nd and Glenn Eldridge 3rd. A very impressive 4th by Jack Staddon only seconds off third place, he has improved so much on the ski this season - watch out for him next year!! Chloe Bunnett took the Ladies title, with Anita Bennet 2nd and Susan Fridd 3rd. 

U16 Men    
Tom Bolt 1 16.03
Jordon Roberts 2 16.08
Matt Hewitt 3 16.15
Scoob Lark 4 17.13
Alfie Berry 6 17.31
Charley Elliott 7 19.44
U16 Women    
Charlotte Hewitt 1 18.18
Grace Clark 2 18.54
Keira Harrington 3 25.57
U19 Men    
Josh Newing 1 30.05
Matt Robinson 2 30.26
Stuart Gordon 3 33.57
U19 Women    
Eloise NEIGHBOUR 1 41.16
Open Men    
Ivan Lawler 1 39.4
Mark Ressel 2 40.15
Glenn Eldridge 3 41.16
Jack Staddon 4 41.27
David Green 5 42.53
Dave Maritz 6 43.43
George Haynes 7 43.56
Chris Chorley 8 44
Mark Addison 9 44.4
simon garbett 10 45.06
Gary Shaw 11 45.07
Tristram Turner 12 45.58
Andy Blow 13 46.13
Chris Howe 14 49.11
Henk Smith 15 50.58
nick carter 16 51.47
Open Women    
Chloe Bunnett 1 45.57
Anita Bennett 2 54.45
Susan Fridd 3 104.04
Masters Men    
Steve Hardman 1 42.4
Colin Smith 2 43.26
Richard Lewis 4 44
Paul Kingman 5 44.14
Richard England 6 45.48
Robin Kaye 7 46.18
Chris McSweeny 9 47.3
steven kirton 10 47.34
Andy Parritt 11 47.47
Glen Parry 12 51.59
Mike Childs 13 54.57
louis van zyl 14 104.04
Jim Ross 1 27.03
Scott Hynds 1 27.03
Greg Pienaar 2 28.42
ian robinson 2 28.42
Lukas Matys 3 28.43
Simon Lawrence 3 28.43
Stephen Bennett 4 31.04
Richard Lark 4 31.04
Holly Hawkey 5 32.27
Simon Boyle 5 32.27
andy young 6 33.07
arwel evans 6 33.07

Video Premier

It was a great day which was finished off by a premier of the Icon Downwind Classic race movie and drinks in the local rowing club!!
2010 British Series Results
After the champs we also had the prize giving for the 2010 British Series which took part over this summer. The following category winners all went into a hat for a draw for a Surfski sponsored by Icon Surfcraft.

  • Glenn Eldridge (Open Men's)
  • Chloe Bunnett (Open Ladies)
  • Paul Kingman (Master's men)
  • Karen O'Donghue Harris (Master's Ladies)
  • Josh Newing (u/19 boys)
  • Eloise Neighbour (u/19 girls)
  • Tom Bolt (u/16 boys)
  • Ellie Parker (u/16 girls)

Surfski Giveaway

Chloe Bunnett

Chloe Bunnett won the Icon Surfcraft Surfski

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