Epic win for Mocke Brothers – S-B 2010 **Great pics**

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Scottburgh to Brighton, Hello! Scottburgh to Brighton, Hello! Credits: Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

Apart from the sheer length of the race (46.5km/30miles), the Scottburgh to Brighton is notorious for the surf - the competitors have to negotiate the surf-line four times...


  • Offshore wind and chop, some residual swell from yesterday’s westerly - if you worked hard you could catch the occasional run.
  • Crunching surf at the start at Scottburgh
  • Crunching surf at the Amanzimtoti (compulsory check-in point)
  • Crunching surf at Brighton at the finish!

Racing Form

The event was expected to be a four-horse race with three crack crews from Durban being challenged by the Cape Town based Mocke brothers:

  • Discovery Sunglass Hut Series winners Barry Lewin and Ant Stott
  • Marathon World Champions Grant and Brandon van der Walt
  • Daryl Bartho (Cape Point Challenge winner) and Grant Woollaston (5th in this year’s Dunlop World Cup)
  • Dawid Mocke (Current Surfski World Champ) and his brother Jasper.

Crunching Surf Episode I

The booming, crashing sound of the Scottburgh surf promised entertainment for the watching crowd – and entertainment there was in plenty as the elite paddlers were stopped in their tracks by a set of huge waves...  stopped, all except Barry Lewin and Ant Stott who sneaked over the shoulder of the first wave just before it broke.

The spectacular dawn at Scottburgh, and that crunching surf!


All photos in this article by Anthony Grote - more up at www.anthonygrote.com


“Barry took what looked to a non-surfski paddler like me like a very risky gap that wasn’t actually there!” said Stott.  “But it worked and we were instantly 100m ahead of the pack.”

“The surf was quite big at Scottburgh...” admitted Jasper Mocke.  “We had to punch through two massive foamies and by the time we got out Barry and Ant had just about disappeared!”

The Mocke brothers took up the challenge and slowly ground down the gap, pulling the van der Walt brothers and Bartho/Woollaston with them.

Eventually the Mockes caught a bump and surfed away from the others to catch the leaders.

“After the Mockes got away, we hung in there on the same line for a while,” said Bartho.  “But we weren’t making any progress so we took a line out to sea to try to find better conditions.”

The van der Walts went with them and for a while it looked as though it was the right decision as the two skis drew up level with the leaders – but about 500m further out to sea.

“We were right behind the backline,” said Jasper Mocke. “We saw them coming up and at one point it looked as though they were getting ahead – but we knew that they’d have to come back in into the offshore wind to come into ‘Toti, so we stuck it out.”

“After a while we started dropping back, maybe due to a current (or maybe we just got tired!),” said Bartho, “so we slid in back to the inside line.”

By the time they paddlers reached Amanzimtoti, the leading skis were about 100m ahead.

Crunching Surf Episode II

Coming in on the same wave, the lead skis headed for the beach... when Barry Lewin felt the ski start to broach and as they slewed off the face of the wave it crashed into the Mockes’ ski making a hideous crunching noise as it did so.

“I knew there was serious damage,” said Jasper Mocke, “and when we reached the beach I just ran up to the check-in desk yelling for duct tape.”

While bystanders went running to fetch tape and a towel to dry the ski, race director Billy Harker tore the baby-grow off his one-year-old son Henry and handed it to Jasper to start the drying operations...

Lewin/Stott meanwhile set off again, and although they had to wait patiently as a set of monster waves came through, they had a clear lead of some three minutes by the time the Mockes joined the race again.

The collision sequences


Crunching Surf Episode III

Meanwhile the second pair of doubles had also collided in the surf, the van der Walt brothers broaching and t-boning Bartho/Woollaston.

“Fortunately the nose of their ski actually went under ours,” said Bartho.  “But our rudder smacked into their boat and was damaged and bent backwards.

“We got to the beach, looked back and they’d disappeared.”

The nose of the van der Walt’s ski had folded in the collision – game over.

Game, Set, Match?

At that point the race seemed decided.

Lewin/Stott’s ski had minor damage to the nose but wasn’t taking water; and they were three minutes ahead.

“We thought we had it in the bag!” said Stott.  “We were delayed getting out but we were still way clear.  We were feeling strong and headed slightly offshore.”

Fist sized hole

The Mocke brothers repaired the hole in their ski with multiple layers of duct tape and set off again.  “We were going on pure adrenalin,” said Jasper.  “We caught them after about 7km, went straight passed them and carried on hard to the end.”

“We couldn’t believe it when they came past,” said Stott.  “It was amazing, they totally outclassed us.  We lost a bit of steam after that!  Passed by the Mocke machine again!”

Daryl Bartho and Grant Woollaston negotiate the Amanzimtoti surf 


Meanwhile Bartho/Woollaston were paddling on their own.  “From ‘Toti we were in survival mode,” laughed Bartho.  “We had a shot of adrenalin off Isipingo though.  We saw a dark shape in the water and I said to Grant, ‘There’s a whal... err... shark!’”

The men had paddled right up to a 4m Great White who was swimming in the same direction.  “He was a beautiful specimen,” said Bartho, “about 4m long.  It was the only time we speeded up after ‘Toti!”

More entertainment for the spectators at ‘Toti


The Mocke brothers won by three minutes from the shattered Lewin and Stott.  It was Dawid Mocke’s sixth win in the race and Jasper’s first.

"This is one of the most memorable wins of my career," said Dawid Mocke to Gameplan Media afterwards. "Much of the credit must go to Jasper, who has got to be one of the most determined paddlers around," he added.

S2B Mockes Win

The jubilant Mockes arrive at Brighton Beach

Mixed Doubles and Women’s Race

Michelle Eder and Oliver Burn won the mixed doubles (having set the course record in 2003).

There was only one women’s crew, Natalie Veckranges and junior paddler Jenna Ward taking the title.

Coming in - the finish at Brighton Beach


Surfboat Marathon!

The spectators gave the gutsy Marine Surf Lifesaving Club’s surfboat crew a standing ovation as they arrived at Brighton, having completed the course after a pre-dawn start.

S2B Surfboat

The Surfboat sets off at ‘Toti

Results will be up shortly on www.surfski.co.za

Discovery Sunglass Hut

Full Results

PosName(s)TimeK1 K2 PosSexAge
1 Jasper Mocke /Dawid Mocke 03:21:13.00 K2 1    
2 Barry Lewin/Ant Stott 03:24:11.06 K2 2    
3 Daryl Bartho/Grant Woollaston 03:33:11.09 K2 3    
4 Mark Lewin/Mark Mulder 03:41:32.00 K2 4    
5 Craig Powell/Roland Pearce 03:45:11.08 K2 5   SV1
6 Quinton Rutherford/Bryan Taylor 03:45:34.08 K2 6   SV2
7 Donovan Kennedy/Shaun Austin 03:46:57.00 K2 7   U(21)1
8 Rowan Matthews/Sean Wisedale 03:47:33.09 K2 8   V1
9 Marc Germiquet/Warren Valentine 03:50:40.06 K2 9   SV3
10 Anthony Scott/Colin Simpkins 03:54:44.05 K2 10   M1
11 Steven Atkinson/Wayne Ashford 03:55:06.00 K2 11   SV4
12 Michelle Eder/Richard Burn 03:56:58.03 K2 12 X1  
13 Gustav Kriese/Neil Evans 03:58:25.01 K2 13   V2
14 Kelvin Trautman/Trenton Lamble 03:58:30.03 K2 14    
15 Brett Hadiaris/Matthew Collins 04:01:21.00 K2 15    
16 Willie Kunz/Paul Apostolides 04:01:44.07 K2 16    
17 Paul Cormack/Gary Albers 04:01:52.02 K2 17   SM1
18 Dwayne Powell/Byron Mckie 04:02:03.01 K2 18    
19 Nigel Stevens/Troy Martins 04:02:14.00 K2 19   V3
20 Patrick Maloney/Ross Fountain 04:02:17.08 K2 20    
21 Mark Ussher/Sthembiso Mbatha 04:03:49.01 K2 21    
22 Jonathan Maehler/Darren Swales 04:03:53.02 K2 22   SV5
23 Rory Attridge/Joe Torlage 04:04:58.01 K2 23   V4
24 Bruce Pender-Smith/Emilio Chiccaro 04:05:37.04 K2 24   V5
25 Shaun Griffin/Andrew Neal 04:06:44.08 K2 25    
26 Harald Wattrus/Dean Burscough 04:06:45.05 K2 26   M2
27 Grant Smith/Daryn Klute 04:08:08.09 K2 27    
28 David Gillmer/Peter Oconnor 04:08:35.02 K2 28   SG1
29 Kelvin Mc Cormack/Guy Mc Cormack 04:09:00.03 K2 29   M3
30 Ian Marais/Craig Mcintosh 04:09:02.00 K2 30   V6
31 Richard Lowe/Angus Ferguson 04:09:11.04 K2 31   SV6
32 Bryce Hatton/Brett Frost 04:09:40.03 K2 32   V7
33 Michael Stevens/Craig Sparks 04:10:12.08 K2 33   V8
34 Angus Stewart/Peter Rowan 04:12:50.07 K2 34   SM2
35 Shadrack Mkhize 04:12:52.08 K1 1   SV7
36 Eric Hildebrandt 04:15:05.08 K1 2   SM3
37 Gary Behn/Anthony Edmonds 04:15:42.05 K2 35    
38 Butch Murray/Johan Keulder 04:16:23.01 K2 36   M4
39 Shaun Baird 04:17:28.09 K1 3   SV8
40 Glenn Evans/Neil Rens 04:18:46.00 K2 37   SM4
41 Anton Fouche 04:20:39.02 K1 4   SV9
42 Bruce Brauteseth/David Brauteseth 04:20:58.07 K2 38    
43 Clinton Fox/Michael Stewart 04:21:51.08 K2 39    
44 Mark Garden 04:26:23.04 K1 5    
45 Mark Johnson/Duncan Nisbet 04:28:33.06 K2 40   M5
46 Mike Ford 04:28:35.01 K1 6    
47 Gary Ralph/Graham Holm 04:28:48.03 K2 41   M6
48 Craig Cook/Grant Wellbeloved 04:29:50.08 K2 42   SV10
49 Robert Schapers/Steven Whitaker 04:29:54.04 K2 43    
50 Keith Flemmer/Antje Manfroni 04:30:53.01 K2 44 X2 SV11
51 Stephen Van Der Merwe/Max Thabo Matlali 04:33:56.03 K2 45    
52 Richard Austin/Mark Henderson 04:34:27.01 K2 46   V9
53 Anton Grimbeek/Perry Cobbold 04:34:51.03 K2 47   V10
54 Kim Parkes/Craig Springate 04:36:57.01 K2 48   SM5
55 Michael Redding/Sean Ridderhof 04:38:04.01 K2 49   V11
56 Guy Saville 04:38:37.04 K1 7   SM6
57 Natalie Veckranges/Jenna Ward 04:38:56.01 K2 50 F1  
58 James Tutton/Claudio Manfron 04:39:33.02 K2 51   SV12
59 Mike Halliday 04:40:30.07 K1 8   GM1
60 Dave Harker/Patrick Blount 04:41:07.05 K2 52   M7
61 William Smith/Warren Smith 04:41:24.02 K2 53    
62 Lee Hawkins 04:44:32.03 K1 9    
63 Lammert Stavast/Eddie Smith 04:47:48.00 K2 54   V12
64 Craig Matthew/Scott Matthew 04:48:21.07 K2 55    
65 Werner Holtzhausen 04:48:43.05 K1 10   SG2
66 Derek Hauptfleisch/Lynne Hauptfleisch 04:50:39.05 K2 56 X3 V13
67 Ralph Whiting/Tarryn Goble 04:52:05.05 K2 57 X4  
68 Danie/Andries Du Plessis 04:53:58.02 K1 11   V14
69 Neil Patterson/Richard Hermon 04:54:56.03 K2 58   SM7
70 Rudi Bense 04:58:35.07 K1 12   SM8
71 Chester Foster/Andrew Church 04:59:04.03 K2 59   SV13
72 Thomas Pryor 05:01:21.03 K1 13    
73 Konrad Karcz 05:01:43.05 K1 14    
74 Brian Chedzey 05:03:41.04 K1 15    
75 Guy Searle 05:08:12.05 K1 16   M8
76 Penny Bush/Terry Henebrey 05:14:25.06 K2 60 X5 SM9
77 Nico Smit 05:18:12.00 K1 17    
78 Russell Seymour 05:21:29.00 K1 18   U(21)2
79 Theo Pretorius/Terrence Pomeroy-Ward 05:23:11.00 K2 61   SV14
80 David Aikins 05:31:24.08 K1 19   SG3
81 Gavin Smith 05:33:35.05 K1 20   M9

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