Bouman takes home Toti "upwind" ** pics **

Sunday, 04 July 2010 19:30 | Written by  Gameplan Media
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Matt Bouman - back in action Matt Bouman - back in action Credits: Anthony Grote/Gameplan Media

Durban, South Africa - Star paddler Matt Bouman claimed his fifth win in the current Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series at the KwaZulu Downwind to Toti in "hectic" surf conditions which ultimately changed the race to a strong "upwind" paddle.

In wind pumping through at 10 to 12 knots series regulars lined Anstey's beach prepared for the normal 22km downwind to Toti, however the weather man had a more difficult race planned for them.

Surf Carnage

Surfski racing, and paddling in general, is not the greatest spectator sport, with most action happening on the water and out of sight; however spectators agreed this was a real treat as the carnage on Ansteys as well as at the finish at Toti left viewers begging for more.

Discovery Sunglass Hut Series

As the elite batches hit the water Bouman, who returned after dislocating his shoulder two weeks ago, and U23 World Marathon Champs Grant van der Walt took the lead and lead the batch South towards Toti.

Closing the gap

"After a while Matt (Bouman) gained about 100m on me, so I shifted gear and did my best to close the gap," said van der Walt. "I managed to close the gap to about 15m at Toti."

"I completely messed up at one point and Grant (van der Walt) started wheeling me in with his little fishing rod," said Bouman.

The pair were neck-in-neck at the "put-in" at the Toti lagoon and both powered to the finish with Bouman a mere 25 seconds ahead of Van der Walt who came in second. "I got lucky in the end," said Bouman.

"It was a fun paddle," said van der Walt. "And great training ahead of Scottburgh to Brighton!" Powering in behind the duo was Murray Smith and Oliver Burn who came in third and fourth respectively.

Women’s Race

The ladies race was dominated by series leader Michelle Eder who was racing in her home turf of Toti. "More like an upwind to Toti," she laughed. "The spectators must have had a field day."

Michelle Eder - women's surfski paddling star

Michelle Eder leads the women in through the surf

"It was insane, at the beginning we were all getting smoked like beginners," she added. Despite the gruelling conditions Eder managed to maintain her title as series leader by taking home her sixth win. "The wind just continued to pick up the whole way, and when I came in at Toti I swam three times," she grinned.

Dominating the Doubles

The doubles races was claimed, yet again, by Ant Stott and Barry Lewin showing good form as they claimed their fifth win in the current series. "Today was hard," said Lewin. "What most paddlers didn't realise was there was a strong South to North current flowing and watching my GPS was frightening knowing we can paddle a lot faster without the current."

Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series - Doubles

Ant Stott and Barry Lewin - dominating the doubles

Lewin commended the courage of the less experienced paddlers in lower batches as he witnessed them tackling the conditions. The current doubles leaders have surely made their mark in the current series and set their goal to take on the Hansa 5 Beaches and Discovery Scottburgh to Brighton in the next two weeks.

"He (Stott) has so much power and makes my job in paddling a double so much easier," said Lewin.

The Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series continues with the Hansa 5 Beaches on Sunday 4 July.


Pics of the carnage by Anthony Grote (





More information and results can be found at

Discovery Sunglass Hut Series


Results Summary - KwaZulu Awnings Downwind to Toti


  1. Matt Bouman 1:45:24
  2. Grant van der Walt 1:45:52
  3. Wayne Wilson 1:50:09
  4. Murray Smith 1:54:14
  5. Oliver Burn 1:54:58
  6. Brandon van der Walt 1:55:27
  7. Mathew Collins 2:00:19
  8. Shaun Austin 2:04:03
  9. Mike Ford 2:10:18
  10. Greg Worthington 2:10:20


  1. Michelle Eder 2:08:06
  2. Donna Winter 2:19:45
  3. Jenna Ward 2:40:10


  1. Ant Stott / Barry Lewin 1:39:26
  2. Bryan Taylor / Quinton Rutherford 1:43:16
  3. Mark Mulder / Mark Lewin 1:43:50

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