Durban Series Update – McGregor and Bouman win one each

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Hank McGregor Hank McGregor Credits: Anthony Grote

20 June 2010 - Durban:  Ace paddler Hank McGregor claimed the Island Tribe Scottburgh Surf Classic which formed the seventh leg in the Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series in ideal conditions.


Matt Bouman – Man Down but not for long

McGregor took full advantage of the absence of series leader Matt Bouman who was at home in bed resting after dislocating his shoulder in last week’s race. "I’ll be out of action for a further week or so but it won't take me long to get back into the water," said Bouman.

McGregor stole the show taking by taking the lead early on in the race and eventual took the title a full minute and a half ahead of U23 World Marathon champ Grant van der Walt, with series regulars Tom Schilperoort and Marc Holtzhausen in third and fourth consecutively.

Women’s Race

In the ladies race the absence of regular Donna Winter left the field was open for the Toti starlet Michelle Eder who clocked up yet another win in the 2010 winter series. "It was another great day of racing with fantastic conditions," sad Eder. "Although I have to say I did have two swims at Scottburgh."

"The conditions weren't hectic," said Eder. "The backline was clean, but there were a few waves that came out of nowhere and a few of us went down." Toti youngster Jenna Ward leapt into second in the ladies race and Maya Opperman took home third position.


The on-form crew of Barry Lewin and Ant Stott took the doubles title, followed by Quinton Rutherford and Bryan Taylor in a close second. Grant Harper won the 7km short course race and in the same category Chris Murray and Malcolm Pitt took home second and third respectfully.

Competitors raced the "T" shaped course in clear winter conditions and had the option of a seven kilometre short course or the long course of 15 kilometres (2 laps). Paddlers started at Scottburgh and were directed out a kilometre then South to a turning can before returning back to Scottburgh beach around a can on the beach then out again heading North and finishing back on Scottburgh main beach.





The Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series continues with the CMH Toyota Pirates Umhlanga Pirates on Sunday 27 June.



Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series


DISCOVERY SUNGLASS HUT SURF SKI SERIES - Island Tribe Scottburgh Surf Classic race


  1. Hank McGregor 01:01:53
  2. Grant van der Walt 01:03:02
  3. Tom Schilperoort 01:05:06
  4. Marc Holtzhausen 01:05:08
  5. Oliver Burn 01:06:20
  6. Wayne Wilson 01:07:08
  7. Paul Rabinowitz 01:09:02:
  8. Steve Cohen 01:09:29
  9. Mark Lewin 01:09:51
  10. Andrew Neal 01:09:57


  1. Michelle Eder 01:14:10
  2. Jenna Ward 01:31:46
  3. Maya Opperman 01:36:55


  1. Barry Lewin / Ant Stott 00:59:34
  2. Quinton Rutherford / Bryan Taylor 01:02:43
  3. Brett Hadiaris / Matthew Collins 01:04:34

Short course

  1. Grant Harper 00:44:16
  2. Chris Murray 00:7:05
  3. Malcolm Pitt 00:47:48

Full details of the series can be found at



Bouman dominates Winkle race

Matt Bouman

Matt Bouman - 1st again

13 June 2010 - Durban: Once again Matthew Bouman held the spotlight firmly on his current position as leader of the current Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series as he reeled in the victory for the Discovery Winkle race at Winklespruit race on Sunday.

Racing a T-shaped course that had paddlers heading out South from Winklespruit beach towards Karridene, then back past Winkle followed by a beach hop at Warner beach and finally finishing back at Winkle. The 15 kilometre long course or the option on a seven kilometre short course had competitors racing in mostly flat conditions throughout, although with tricky surf conditions at Winklespruit.

Although there was an obvious absence of a select group of top paddlers who were in Plettenberg Bay competing in the SA Marathon Champs, Bouman still managed to show off his skills in the surf.

Bouman lead the pack from the start, lengthening his lead at each turn and beach pit stop until he claimed the title as he reach the finish at Winkle.

Richard Burn, Murray Smith and Nicholas Burden lead the pack chasing Bouman. Burn, who came in second overall, managed to pull himself through the pack after being drilled by a wave early on. Smith and Burden came in third and fourth consecutively.

Women’s Race

Michelle Eder returned to take back her title as series leader and was elated to have such a great conditions and race course set for the day. "This was my most enjoyable race of the season thus far," gushed the Eder. "Fantastic conditions and a race format that kept my mind off the length of the race with a great route and superb waves."

The Toti pacesetter had a brilliant start and had race regular Donna Winter on her tail till the turn at Karridene. "I managed to stay in front and lengthened the gap when I took an almost diagonal line from Karridene missing a few of the tricky waves in the process," said Eder.

"I'm looking forward to next weekend's race as it also has a fun format," said Eder. "I enjoy races where we can take advantage of our skills like getting in and out of the surf and it also takes our mind off the race itself," she added.


Quinton Rutherford and Bryan Taylor claimed the men's title in the doubles race and the ladies was taken by Cara and Penny Bush.




The Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series continues with the Scottburgh Winter's Solstice race on Saturday 13 June.

Discovery Sunglass Hut Surfski Series


Discovery Winkle race at Winklespruit race


  1. Matt Bouman
  2. Richard Burn
  3. Murray Smith
  4. Nicholas Burden
  5. Paul Rabinowitz


  1. Michelle Eder
  2. Donna Winter

Doubles - Men:

  1. Quinton Rutherford / Bryan Taylor
  2. Brett Hadiaris / Matthew Collins
  3. Paul Cormack / Gary Albers

Doubles - Ladies:

  1. Cara Bush / Penny Bush

Full details of the series can be found at

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